Endless life’s storms

Franq Adede
Written by Franq Adede
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This is a story of one of us. Born among us, we played together and passed through all the life’s ups and downs together. Went through primary together and later parted as we were joining high school since she was a girl but during holidays we would spend most of the time together and share most of ideas. Finally the results for the forth form were out. The jubilations and tears of joy were shed but on the other hand others were crying and blaming themselves for not doing as the rest. I think the future favors the bold. My friend’s promises were fulfilled since she had all her parents but as for the other party. being raised by a single parent was just a blessing from Allah. Never had he experienced the love of a father. Thanks to God for bringing us irreplaceable people in this world to be called mothers. She was available all the time for the son, unfavorable conditions, during good times and would stand in as a father all the times. She joined a prestigious campus taking a very nice course but how about the friend? He was an old friend and not worth keeping since he was but just a bad company. Life has to go on regardless of the conditions and challenges we face daily. Joining campus a month after people had settled, a new environment and new in the location but we can never go wrong or be late twice. Joined as a warrior never willing to give up. Pursuing just a minor diploma as others were doing their degrees in their various fields but never lost hope n maintained the confidence and the zeal to move on and accomplish the mission. Three years later the graduation was here and distinction was the place set for me by the creator. Into the job market i went, real hustle as I knocked door by door trying luck and finally realized the power behind a praying woman. My friend was fresh from graduation and joined the trend, trying to knock every door. She comes to the place that was least of expectation, here she was with the pleasing high school results but just a pass after the four years of struggle, the chance she got but could not produced as she was expected and later was asked to leave. Back again to the search as she tried to search for old friends who could aid. Here she was tired along th busy streets, lost in memory, lost hopes and no way forward but truly God always make way where there seems to be no way. Meeting her childhood friend who was not a good company was just shower of blessing. Hopes were restored, strength she found and could now afford the price of just a smile. She restored it after all the devastations and the harddles of life. Finally she got the meaning of joy in her ┬ádictionary. The dad had withdrawn all the privileges and could provide no more but this old friend was an angel sent from heaven.

Comrades we enjoy joining campus as we always hope for the best but later major on the minor and minor on the major. At the sunset you realise all is lost and the hand of the clock can never be taken back. Support one another, show love, treat everyone equal, focus on what you do and above all say your prayers as you ask God to give you the way forward. Together we promote brotherhood and togetherness.

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