Educational Poetry

Exam Results vs Education

Vivian Kerubo
Written by Vivian Kerubo
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This one caught me right …..
Why do we go to school?
Are the education standards offered to us of importance?
If you ask a parent why we need to study
Their answers are always so synthetic
They’ll say for a better future we need to study
This is a chance we should utilize because they never got one
And for us to be productive,school is a must
This seems so true but to others it’s not working
Many times we remember an answer just when the invigilator has taken away the question paper
Does it mean that remembering the answer 5 minutes earlier would have made me more essential?
We’ve learned so many things we won’t apply in future due to the education systems
We are still trying to figure out the value of X
Our school results should not determine our future
This is a shout out to all cleaners,cashiers,shopkeepers,tailors with no papers but are bringing genuine food on the table….
The things we do for good grades for a clean certificate are unimaginable
What is the use of having a distinction on paper but an empty mind
Just because your dad/mum wanted a doctor in the house
How many patients will successfully pass through your hands alive?
Why should we acknowledge you as the best lawyer yet many innocent people will be incriminated because of your carelessness
We should stop leaving in our parents/societies dreams
Just to make your parents proud you had to be a teacher or a nurse
After all the societies dreams have been to have you in campus
Some just try to ‘fit in’… everyone is going for higher studies so will I
Its the trend nowadays
Many of us hate school but love education
But the century we live in today cannot differentiate the two
But the bad thing is we are the ones who suffer the injustice served
Its every dog for it’s day but then


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Vivian Kerubo

Vivian Kerubo

Simple lady....says it as you see it...what you see is what you get....above all God fearing with a big heart....writing being her greatest passion in life.....


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