Face and Embrace the Person In You

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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Face the person in you.

Tortoises are out of fashion. They are no longer the wise ones, taking one patient step after another, coming out victorious in the end. Today, they are the ones who can’t cross the road fast enough, the ones most likely to get hit by a car but they remain to be tortoises and their history of wisdom remains.
I once thought being an Introvert was the worst thing one had to live with.
“You’re too quiet.”
This comment and others like it have plagued me almost all my life. I don’t know how many times I’ve been told that I needed to come out of my shell, to be livelier, or to talk more.For a long time I allowed these remarks to hurt me deeply. I was already shy, but I became even more self-conscious as I was constantly aware of people waiting for me to speak.
When I did, the response was often, “Wow! she said something!”
This would make me just want to crawl back into my shell and hide. I became more and more reserved.Each time someone told me I was “too quiet,” I wondered what exactly they were hoping to achieve anyway. Did they imagine I had a magic button I could press that would turn me into Miss Showbiz? and everyday I wished I could be like my extroverted friends, get out of the doors,get In social gatherings and talk to people without any problem at all.But it was so depressing and when I tried harder it became so painfull and tiring,trying to keep up with an energy I could hardly stand,standing in social gatherings trying to smile all day when All I wanted was my quiet room that made me so alive.Until I realized that that was who Iam I’m and always going to be an introvert, and however much I did the faking nothing could change who Iam.I can’t overcome my introversion, but actually, I wouldn’t want to because I’m happy being this way.
I’ve spoken to several talkative, extroverted people who’ve been told they’re too loud or that they talk too much. It seems whatever personality you’ve got you’re always going to be “too much” or “not enough” of something for someone.
What really matters is: do you think you need to change?
There’s a reason why you were made the way you are. If we were all supposed to be the same, we would be.The world can be so demanding and I bet you’ll agree with me when I say that society can really put you down with the pressure of “who you are supposed to be”.
One of the hardest things in life to do is trying to accept yourself for who you are and not who the world wants you to be. Unfortunately most people don’t get to the accepting themselves stage until they are older and live under the worlds expectations of who they should be and realize how tired they’re from faking.
It’s all very well saying accept yourself but how do you go about accepting yourself?
You simply tell yourself that life will throw some crap at you and other people will dislike you, simply because they have different ideas from you or are jealous of you, or are envious, or just think or an idiot. Whatever the reason is that someone dislikes you, don’t try and win their vote, move on and strengthen the relationship you have with the people you care about.
If you concentrate on winning the votes of people you don’t like and who don’t like you, you are taking your power and energy away from the people that really matter.
Honesty is very under-rated in our society, it’s very rare you come across someone who is honest with you in a non aggressive way but the monent you are honest with yourself then you will be honest with others.When you develop honesty with yourself you will develop acceptance of yourself.
Who you are should be your strength and not your weakness.Not everyone will like you for who you are and some will go to an extent of trying to make you be who they are,the question is,would you rather be you or them? If you met yourself on a night out would you like yourself by being them? and you’re holding unto them because they are your friends and you’re afraid you’ll loose them and be lonely? drop them!, okay you’ve been friends for a while but if they put you down, make you feel horrible, and drain you energy then they’re doing you harm,drop them.
Your personality is what makes you different from everyone else. It’s made up of your emotions, feelings, thoughts, behaviours and attitudes. Not everyone has a “winning” personality though, which is why a lot of people find it hard to accept who they are. This inner conflict and lack of self-acceptance makes it hard for many of us to embrace our true personalities and face who we really are.It is good to change for the better, but before you can change, you must first face the person you are and accept yourself Just as you are. Changing yourself without admitting and embracing the negative facets of the person you are will only cause you stress, decrease your self-confidence and even cause depression. You can make things easier for yourself just by embracing that person in you.Loving who you are, with all your good attitudes and shortcomings will bring you happiness. Don’t feel bad about things and attitudes you don’t have, as this mindset is counter-productive. Embrace what you do have and be proud of it.. If you focus on what makes you unique and special, you won’t feel the need to compare yourself to other people or care about what others think about you or what the world wants you to be.
Accepting the person you are is a sign of growing up and maturity. Not all adults are mature enough to embrace all parts of their character. But when they do, they become wiser and more successful in life.
Everyone has something about themselves that they want to change. You may not realise it, but changing things about yourself isn’t always the solution to achieving happiness and confidence. The trick to being truly happy is embracing your unique personality.You’re the best person when you embrace the person in you.
Depression doesn’t have to be your death cause,you deserve to be happy,everyone wanna be happy,it’s all so easy..Face and Embrace the person in you.
It’s time to let go of everything holding you back and make a way for a new tale to be written. One of more compassion.more love.

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