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Written by Julie Onyinye
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Fashion can be described as a popular trend in style basically in clothing, makeup, body piercing or tattooing and even accessories. In a layman’s language fashion is a style in which a person dresses while culture is the way a group of people behave, their beliefs, values and symbols that they accept without even questioning.
Fashion is one of the ways that makes an individual unique and easy to distinguish from a throng and most ladies, as compared to our counterpart males, knows how to do this very well right from head to toe-nails. Am not in any way trying to diminish dudes because I must admit that there are some guys who dress way-so-good than ladies. Am saying that because I understand what a fashion statement can do; it can make you appear classy, sexy, trashy, modern, retrogressive or outdated. But then fashion does not entirely focus on how you look, it is about how confident and comfortable you feel in a certain cloth. It is normally very easy to detect an individuality with confidence in his or her look. When someone tells you that you are looking gorgeous, how do you respond? When a stranger stops you on the streets and ask where you bought your, say, necklace, heels, bracelet or whatever it is, what do you tell the person? Are you the kind that will immediately start looking at yourself as if in a mess? Or will you respond by asking, “is it bad?”
One of the major reason why ladies and gents should be fashion oriented is because people tend to treat you better when you are well dressed. This should not happen but the truth is, it does; people have prejudices and will form opinions on you based on the way you look. Another reason is for attraction purposes, fashion attracts the opposite sex and makes a person more appealing. Everybody likes ‘swag’.
Culture, just like fashion, is passed from one generation to the next. The manner in which we dress is different from the way our parents’ generation did. Right from the hairstyles, skirts and dresses evolving from being extremely long to ridiculously short, men’s trousers have taken different shapes and names like the Colombo, skinny, flared and bell-bottom just to mention a few. Culture covers all aspects a human might come upon during life, from language, politics, economic system to traditions, fashion and even food. Culture becomes the lance through which we perceive and evaluate what is going on around us.
In conclusion, fashion and culture completely intermingle with each other. Fashion plays a major role in our different cultures because it forms the basis whatever we do.

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