Fashion cop at jooust

Julie Onyinye
Written by Julie Onyinye
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Be ready at all times for you know not when the camera will be on you. With the Jooust cultural week coming up, all I expect is pure glitz and glamour from everyone. I hope my expectations will not turn to disappointment.

From now henceforth let everyone be on the watch out, know what to wear, when and  to wear it.

Just so you know, dressing well is not an option but the only thing that will make people distinguish you from a throng. There’s also some confidence that comes along with looking good.

Lastly, smelling nice or other having a nice scent is part and parcel of fashion. It’s an unforgivable offence to look good and have an unpleasant smell.

Next, get ready for fitness and good make up tips.


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