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Fashion is a passion that Freddoe happened to fall into. It all started with an itch to find outfits for his dance crew that eventually led him to reconnecting with a friend, Jimmy, who is a fashion designer.

img-20161115-wa0030He has currently invested in the business and they do haveĀ  two other guys as a start. Hows did you get into fashion and design… My friend Jimmy taught me. After making our dance jerseys I went to him again to help in making a trouser. Rather than doing it himself he decided to teach me how to do it myself. How was it… I have to say my first trouser was completely horrible.

It did not come out well but that didn’t deter me as I was willing to learn. How is it now


I have built myself by practicing in making my own clothes. Right now I can rightfully say that am good at it. I also help in relating to my friends clothes sometimes.
What’s your marketing strategy…
Mostly is to wear our own tailored and designed clothes
Scarce finance
Getting fabrics is hard as some are not readily available.
My inspiration comes from Cleo as he also started small.



To venture into suits designing.
He and his friend have ventured into a variety of products from different kinds of clothes of both genders to shoes , be it heels or low soled shoes . They also deal in caps and bags . They also have a policy where unsatisfied customers cam return the goods if the situation permits .img-20161115-wa0025img-20161115-wa0034
Their pricing mostly depends on the fabric and design. Generally you get what you pay for. So go out their and try one of their awesome awesome products.
# originality is the key in fashion industryimg-20161115-wa0027

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