Schola Moraa
Written by sceezy
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  • In the darkness she did grope

For she had lost all hope

She thought of getting a rope

And nobody was there to help


Hearing the news he gave her a hot slap

Leaving her cheeks with a clear map

In her heart a big gap

And bitterness opened like a tap


No loving dear friend

No crying shoulder to lend

Her wounds to tend

And broken soul to mend


The sassy ones advising for the pill

But she really didn’t have the will

The innocent child to kill

She knew her empty heart nothing can fill


Knowing not which advice to follow

Her heart bitter with sorrow

Just waiting for the morrow

Maybe she will get out of this she wallows

About the author

Schola Moraa


Uuhm ...Schola. Student at Jooust. Poet,article writer.
Professional day dreamer. So boring...
Love cats hate dogs.
Loves novels hates travelling.


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