Gascooker stolen plus sufuria with omenaa-Jooust by Manu

Emmanuel Otieno
Written by Emmanuel Otieno
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Rampant stealing around Jaramogi oginga odinga university of science and technology-By Emmanuel(Manu)


In the past few weeks comrades residing around jooust (Gate B,Nyakasumbi,Plot 10,Texas,Orange house and other hostels) have been losing their properties consistently through stealing and robbery by people who have not been identified up to now.For instant,in untitled plot just behind Nyakasumbu primary a lady(comrade) was a sleep with her door locked.She left her Gascooker with sufuria containing omena on top of it.At around midnight a robber broke into her house and took the gascooker together with the sufuria containing omenaa which was on top of it.Lucky enough the lady was awaken by the bang of the door when the robber was closing back the door, she shouted which awaken all the neighbours but the robber managed to run away with the properties.An incident which left everybody tonguetied lacking words to utter.

The same weekend on Saturday night during the event of Mr &Miss jooust thieves broke into Barrack’s(Entertaining Director) house and made away with a number of properties including laptop,Gascooker and bag with clothes and others.

Again on Monday night the thieves broke into Khana’s cyber and mades away with 7 computers.

At Guardian Angel Chauro’s(Director of security) clothes and slippers were stolen from the hanging line at night.

In the past days a number of comrades have been attacked and stolen from a number of properties on their way to their places of Resident at night.                                                From all the above its clear that comrades are suffering,but now the big question is “WHAT IS THE SOLUTION FOR ALL THESE???”,,,,


Simo Kotieno(Outgoing Sajooust speaker) recommended that comrades should always lock their doors every moment they are out and as well walk in groups ones its past 9pm.He also said that comrades should be the brothers keepers at their respective plots  while one is away .

Dr.Oromo Jenkins proposed that the Director of security and the diaspora representative should liers with school administration, call a meeting with all the landlord so that they are pressurerised to employ security officers in each and every plot to take care of the comrades properties.He added that police patrol should also be provided by the administration(department of security) to reduce the night attacks.Article by Emmanuel Otieno



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