Get rich or Die Trying: Online Marketing for Beginners

Wilson Muriuki
Written by Wilson Muriuki
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Are you a beginner wondering how to
make money as an affiliate marketer?
Here is a step by step guide on how to
proceed with your much anticipated

Select a niche
Forget about the whole idea of
creating a site, just focus on finding a
market niche that will for a fact mint
some cash. So, how do you wander
your way to finding an ultimate niche?
Don’t get confused. Here are some
Pick a topic in line with your passion-
It is damn easy working on a topic
you fantasize about all day long
especially now that the Santa timeline
is drawing closer and personal. You
be having tons of knowledge on that
So, now that you got the niche, is it
profitable? – Well it is for you to
decide what profits you want to make.
You will have to work off your *ss to
cash in big. Is your need for cashing
in triumphing over your passion for a
certain niche? If yes, don’t freak out.
That’s normal, you can create a
balance. Just learn about your niche.
You’ll soon be a ‘Ninja’ in that field.

Research well on online affiliate
marketing programs
A number of affiliate marketing
programs exist online. They can help
you learn how to get a good pay. Just
be patient enough to jump the not so
few huddles of knowledge. Yeah! You
will have to create time to gaze at your
laptop, listen to podcasts, and watch
YouTube tutorials just to mention but
a few. Here are three top things to
prioritize on when scouting online for
an affiliate marketing program:
-Online support- You are a newbie
and so many of the things you’ll come
across will possibly be strange. Find
an online affiliate program that’ll offer
you an extensive online customer
support that is overly personalized.
-Merchandise – Settle for the
products and services that will be easy
to sell.
-Commission- Is the commission you
get high enough to foot at least half of
your bills? Are you able to skyrocket to
the highest level within a short period
of time? If yes, you are good to go.

Did you know that a website could
narrow down your hustle in affiliate
It is time to build you a website. While
there are a lot of online tutorials on
building a free website, you may
consider investing some dollars into
your new site. For a free website,
WordPress is the best. For a hosted
site with a complete domain name,
consider doing the following.
Buy a domain- A domain is your
market brand. It is responsible for
your online virtual presence. An
expensive domain doesn’t really have
an impact on its quality; consider not
going for the cheap ones though.
Host your site- A number of
establishments such as HostGator
offer the webhosting services. All you
need is to find the best company in
your locality or search online too.
Install a theme- Want to create a
positive perception in the minds of
your traffic lead? A theme will serve
that purpose. Followers are always
looking for something tangible to
gauge your content and services
against that of your competitors.
Invest in a quality theme!
-Create affiliate marketing content that
is moving and appealing to your target

Remember, you indulged in affiliate
marketing to make good money. You
therefore need to hook up with online
advertisers and online merchants for
commissions. My great advise though:
do affiliate marketing for merchants.
They pay high commission for goods
sold and money spent on their
products. Envision yourself earning up
to $50 a day for doing nothing. Just
using their links on your website!!!

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