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Happiness and Success? Ditch That College Boyfriend

Wilson Muriuki
Written by Wilson Muriuki
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A wise man once said that all good things must one day come to an end, and so is campus love life. Save your thoughts on that and take a walk with me down the memory lane

Do you recall your freshman years strolling hand-in-hand with that stalker-now-lover?

You: I can’t recall

Do you recall telling your friends that he was Chuck to your Blair and Cappie to your Cassie but never had a love story to phone home about?

You: I can’t recall

Do you remember the innumerous flings he had, claiming campus lofe was never meant to be stable and you morphed into a laughing stalk to your ever giggling girlfriends?

You: I can’t recall

Back to reality chic, you were a Muchacha who will never be his baby mocha. It is time to let him go babygirl, thought tough.

Why ditch him now not tomorrow

So he calls you a rose, who arose an eros that roasts his heart with bloody redness. I pity you princess. Now imagine how romantic he was when he saw you nearly daily. What if he barely saw you in a month? Hey, do not think of a year because you will be dead in his mind and your epitaph reading, “…gone are you my love, fading are them your thoughts- airy love” Not even an F for fairy. You got me right, not even an F!!!

College love should not exist after college, period! He taught you how to binge like a 18th century alcoholic. He often assaulted and dared to slap you in public. He never appreciated your beautiful look and instead often laughed at you secretly saying your body is curvy yeah, but like an African baobab save for the selfie face. If only you could swap your loyal friends with his. Ditch that dude princess.

Save yourself future troubles

Let’s time travel to 2020..swoooosh!!!Marriage life here we come. He can’t tolerate seeing you binge and he always beats you like the taut leather nyabinghi rasta drums. Hahaha, you never calculated your odds princess. He promised to be at your side, always listen to you and yeah, he proved that by always chocking your room with his presence for a whooping four years at least. What of now? He has multiple meetings and travels to attend to with his so-cute-to-be-an-assistant girl while you are always packing his suitcase and addressing yourself as his Mrs. What if you had a chance to correct this future? All you have to do is dump him now.

What next after dumping your graduate boyfriend?


A wise woman once said that life is a series of meetings and partings. Like you parted ways with your highshool lover for that graduate, is the same you will part with him for another. There is always some good soul out there waiting for you. Wait! How many frogs have you kissed since you joined school? Must be 99 so your graduate boyfriend is the 100th. Time to bump into that last lover. Cupid, someone here needs your help, please.

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