Written by Esther Ogina
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My name is Sarah Wales.

When l was a little girl,l had a terrible experience  and l haven’t been able to get over it.One Sunday evening,l was home alone.

All my siblings were gone to school,dad was at work and mum had travelled.

My aunt took me in and we were staying very well together.On that particular evening, my aunt and l were working on my costumes attire for a school project due the next day.Unfortunately, we ran out of thread for the sewing machine, so she had to go out and  get more.

The night was a solid thick outside with the soundly shrimps shrieking  shrilly.The rains had just ceased. So my aunt made out and promised to be right back and not take long.


I put away the work and busied myself with warming our supper up!

Knock! Knock!


Someone’s on the door!

I hadn’t locked it right after aunt told me to!

I was a little scared.

Knock! Knock!

The same sound came again.This time insistent I heard the door creak open and the sound of heavy boots hit the floor.

I froze.

I was rooted on my spot.

The kitchen knife fell on the floor as a result and l almost chopped off my little angel toe .

The silence was unbearable!

Seemed like trekking on  a vast winter land looking for a relief farm.

My heart beat fast,thought l could count along as time was  frozen and still.

Suddenly, a bright stroke of lighting stroke the room and the hour grew dark.

Like a dark grave.


Evil prowling.

Death calling.

Palms grew beady,the heat of fear unbearable.

I felt a longing for  the desert land.

The rains hit so hard on the roof heighting my anxiety and fear!

Suddenly, l felt myself pulled by very powerful arms and was thrusted on the floor.

Kicking spread eagled and resisting in all my might.Body shivering on the cold floor stripped down to my birth suit.

He was pumping in so hard with all his might.

I was running out of air my limbs succumbing to the cruel intrusion.

The blows the harsh grueling voice and my frail body weakening  every second.

The heavy weight digging into me


I screamt till l could scream no more,the guy cared not to gag my well of screams as that was empty noise.No one could hear me scream.The rains were heavier than before and as they fell,they flowed with my tears of distress. I helplessly succumbed to loss of consciousness as l watched that evil beast rape me off my inoscence and dim my ray of life.

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Esther Ogina

A speck of gold
Is a burst of cold
Desires and wants that drys out wisdom

But with Essy essence be sure to stay calm

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