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This has been the trending game in campus. The hunter is kind of winning while the hunted is continuously losing a great deal. We have observed this a great deal and that is why we saw it needed to be aired. The prey is just attracted, flushed with great and romantic fantasies only to be dumped the next morning after the hunter has already ravenously eaten the ‘forbidden fruit’. The hunter automatically starts eyeing another prey and repeatedly does the same annoying ‘thingy’. This seems to be the hunter’s fun. The hunter employs great skills that the campus damsels find hard to discover the real origin, instincts and objectives of the hunter. Nevertheless, we suppose that smart girls can be able to counter this trending nightmare.
In a crazy men’s hostel, all they talk about are stories of how they viewed, eyed or ‘nailed’ a certain chiquitta back in school.
‘I’ll try getting her out this coming weekend’ one says
‘You get her out and I ‘nail’ her the next day’ another retaliates
‘Did you just notice how that lady is voluminously ‘blessed’ ‘another adds some ‘sugar’.
Some go in real crazy worlds and fantasize about wolfing the ‘forbidden fruit’ with the damsels. This feeling increases the libido and lust kicks in while the urge to getting closer to the lady and nailing her proves the point.

This is how it goes. The hunter eyes a certain Chiquita and plans for the events that will eventually lead to the ‘longed for’ act. This guy’s studies your class, behavior and starts by matching his personality to what you like. Others go in the extremes of borrowing clothes, money and other accessories to make you happy. He starts behaving very cool and intelligently around you. He softens his language and makes you feel like an exclusive-most-attractive-goddess.
This guy will not leave anytime soon. He knows his objective. If he has the plans to ‘nail’ you; even if it will take months, he will make sure he does it at one moment. He makes you feel the best-endowed lady of all time.
The day to visit his room comes and makes sure you enjoy his company, his supper, his room and everything at his place. He makes sure his dirty, grimy house is that day ‘general-cleaned’. Clean sheets and well-arranged blankets preserved for such occasions are well spread on the bed. He spends money and makes sure you eat well that day.

If at all you fell to his trap that very day and submerged to his ‘great manliness’, he will nail you that night and all the ‘hullaballoos-of-your-super-love’ will be blown by the wind. Most hunters keep their game cool. They will not show you about eating the ‘forbidden fruit’ at first sight. They will buy your trust and love first and they are sure by that, they will have opened the doors towards wolfing the forbidden fruit. That first night in their room will be your best experience. He will not touch any of your fleshy areas. All he will do that night is to make sure he buys your trust and love. He will make you enjoy the place; he will make sure you endow him as a great gentleman as he will not go for the most obvious things- sex. You will lay in the best ever position in bed with him for the entire night without him touching any of your ‘goodies’.

By that, most campus damsels go spreading stories about their ‘new dude’ and how wonderful he is. They also talk of the plans to secure him. Some of the ladies who have tasted the sweetness of this guy and later dumped after sometime always approach you and inform you of how bad the guy is. But the lady cannot accept any nonsense by the other ladies. All she knows is that her dude is the BEST.

‘Damn! He took me out, bought me stuff, slept on the same bed yesterday, didn’t ask for sex, he didn’t even touch my attires in a way to request for something like the trend in all men’ she spreads news of how she is so happy about her new guy. She goes ahead and changes her WhatsApp profile pic and puts a pic of them both.
Other girls who have been devoured by the same dude and dumped after their ‘flower’ has been destroyed, also take a look at your WhatsApp profile picture and they just know what is awaiting you. Your best friends and good friends inform you about that guy but you do not care about what they say. All you know is that they are trying to steal your man.
The next time, he takes you to his home again and gets you inside the shower and you take a bath together. You buy more trust from him. After some weeks of happiness, you feel it is now the ripe time for the fruit to be eaten. You cannot hold it anymore and all you want is to have him by yourself. The hunter already knows the signs and prepares the room for the night. That night, the forbidden fruit is gradually consumed for hours and the hunter makes sure he has misused the damsel to bits. At around 8 am, the damsel gets up only to find herself on the bed all alone.
When she goes to school the next day, she peeps his ‘new man’ holding another ladies arm and giving her sweet accessories just as he did to her on the early days of their ‘sweet love’. She realizes she had being used and dumped. The other ladies, who had gone through the same ordeal with the same guy, now come and rejoice in your sorrows.

‘He always does that’
‘We told you but you didn’t listen’ another says
Most campus damsels are lured, used badly and abandoned like sugarcane chew chunks and it is high time you should open your eyes wide before setting foot to any relationship. A smart lady automatically discovers this and immediately changes their affinity towards such men. You do not bump on a guy today and post that you got the guy of your dreams. Thunderstorms and lightening will accompany your shock that very day you discover your ‘disguise-relationship’.

Regars:Mohamed Tokal is a second year student at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology(Jooust) pursuing a Bachelor in Business Administration with Information Technology (IT).

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