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How common are common units to students?

Kelvin Arap
Written by Kelvin Arap
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Are common units beneficial to students?

There is nothing more attractive than confidence. Once you see your own beauty, so will everyone else. Likewise, this applies and torments well during exams periods. Self confidence among units taken by comrades all over the country feels ambitious with the best selective units pursued.

Education Cabinet Secretary Mr Fred Matiang’ earlier this year proposed the inception of a new education system, 2-6-3-3-3, which was recommended by a task force that was headed by former Moi University Vice Chancellor, Douglas Odhiambo. The system, which will help students specialized  early in the different  careers they want to pursue was a move that was supported by many in order to avoid students wasting a lot of time taking subjects they have no interest  in.

Many students have complained of being forced to take units like Bible class and HIV/ AIDS awareness among other units which many say have no relation to their careers and only force them to spend more time studying what doesn’t help them rather than specializing in what will equip them with necessary skills.



Pizza Mwitu, a student at Laikipia University who is also, a prominent member of the Kampozone, argues that some of the units his school offers are important and essential but some are inst a waste of time. “Honestly some of the common units offered by our school have helped me become a better person but I do not see the need of taking units like Christian Ethics, Environmental Studies and Introduction to IT. Introduction to the Bible is more beneficial to a Christian than Christian ethics so l do not see the need of taking both of them. Introduction to IT is just like introduction to computers in high school with only a little twist to it. When I was in first War, I thought Environmental Studies would be agricultural oriented as can but it wasn’t. I would have preferred a unit that is more agricultural oriented because I would have learn a lot more in that,” he says.

Regardless of complaints from students about these units, many universities have not stopped offering them, with some even tightening the rope some more for their students. “I hate those common units offered in our school,” says Phineas student in Maseno University. “Most of these units like the Bible doctrines and such are just a waste of time and money. I don’t see how they help one in their careers.”

In the new education system which is currently under trial in a number of school’s countrywide when a student gets to the senior level they will spend three years focusing on their areas of specialization depending on their interests and abilities. The system is aimed at students taking lesser subjects which are more robust in their development.


Extremely Important

Dr. Abeka , Professor and also Kampozone Club Patron _JOOUST, argues that all units are very essential to every student. “These units are extremely important. When one joins university, they tend to be narrow-minded and not exposed to several courses.  These units help one in gaining general knowledge which they can relate to and actually apply what they have learn in various aspects of their lives and work. I felt the same way in the beginning but now l understand and see their importance.”  When these classes are put together, they can add up to a person’s discipline. They are always integrated and shouldn’t be done away with,” He concludes.

The chief admissions officer KU, Dr George insists that these general education courses are key to a university student’s success in higher level. They build and act as a bridge to ensure general and overall success is achieved. They are also designed to contribute to stable development of higher statutes and perpetual skills which can only be acquired in general education. ..

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