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Extremely disturbing reports have  been  streaming in from the south western side of kampala(Uganda) on the rise of people slaughtering and eating their fellow human beings that is making many a peoples blood run cold. This upsetting events have mostly  targeted  the internally displaced people residing in a village  ( 208km from Kampala) who are being killed and made into stew.

A grieving woman, one Edith  reported a gruesome story of how her twelve children have disappeared under unclear circumstances,  she suspects they were made meals. She also reports that alot of the people in the camp have been disappearing without trace. The dead have also not been spared has reports of bodies being exhumed without the knowledge of the family have been tabled. Talk about no respect for the dead.

Fourteen suspects are currently being held in police cells on charges of killing and eating their fellow human beings  in order to fulfill their thirst for human flesh.A travelling woman and her nine month old daughter had the misfortune of encountering this insane men when they begged for a place to stay the night before resuming their journey the next day. The village elder (who reportedly housed them) and his thirteen followers are said to have killed, cooked and ate both mother and daughter. Investigations on the matter are still underway.

The village elder together with his thirteen minions crudely explained to the police officers which kind of human meat was more delicious . They said the most desired meat was that of a person that died disease free. They explained that getting the corpse of a person who had no illness was a keen to winning the lottery as according to the their meat was always the sweetest.

The suspects are said to have been engaging themselves in the selling of human meat where a kilogram is 200,000 Ugandan shillings ($60) .


Watch out….who knows….they could be expanding territories.

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