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I long to eat from my mom’s pot.

This woman I fell in love with has cute nails,I can’t allow her to cook.I have invested an acre of land in her manicure and would rather eat out than let her ruin the product.

Plus,she works till 5 pm and has to catch up with her friends till later at night.I prefer it that way than having to succumb to her infinite naggings.more so,her friends are generous,they make sure she comes home tipsy,sleeps dead drunk and hence no fights nowadays. Her friends are angels.

We put the kids on a nanny care.The sole memory of her mother is the first time she opened her eyes,methinks.She has never been home to see her turn a year older.She’s a career woman.


I have seen her change her status quo.Am proud of her.We worked hard to get her there.Had to forego my further learning to stay with the kid,she had to go on this important “career changing” dinners.

I recently bought her “brazilian Human hair” ,as she had ordered.Took me time but I love the woman I fell in love with,had to,just had to.Its also one of the many reasons she can’t cook for me (her hair might “smell bad”).

  • Oh yeah,and she works out,almost forgot.Every Saturday and Sundays her Godzilla excuse of gym instructor picks her up.She gets really tired. But she comes home a happy lady.I take the initiative of handling the kitchen.I think am a good husband.

But as I sit on this couch with my kid on my lap after ordering out,I long to eat from my mom’s pot.

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