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I Saw Him Tonight…

Esther Ogina
Written by Esther Ogina
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I saw him tonight
He approached me
My limbs moved faster
With a throb! throb!
Inside my shell
In the chill of the elderly hour
The cold with casting cold
Cursing all gold
An age olden!
He had a cap on so fine
Flowing tuxedo tucked fine
He leant on a very appealing poise
What was ever so perfect
He held my hair
In adoration
Like the hold gods of Otton
Treasured and worshiped in Chicago
A city of black,fierce fine magic
That oozed from every pole of his skin
He held me,
He held me by the waste
And gently saw me follow the lead of his cues
Seductively, Africious
Swaying skillfully to the blue harmonies
That came from the lake
The lake,
The massive waters
From which sprang rhythm
Afro hues
Drowning the spartans
He held my chest
With a gentle caress
One that was womanly arousing
That saw me shed a passionate tear
He held my eyes in his
He held my face close to his
I was his
A perfectly in twinned crisis
I saw the bliss
I was ready and free!
Only that he held but only by his gaze
Me never to touch him
And him never to touch me
Me never to feel him
And him never to feel him
He held me by his gaze


About the author

Esther Ogina

Esther Ogina

A speck of gold
Is a burst of cold
Desires and wants that drys out wisdom

But with Essy essence be sure to stay calm


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