Identifying a Third year student in Jooust.

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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The January-April semester which started on a good note but got disrupted by the lecturer’s strike sagga is now in its procession after the lecturer’s strike was called off.however, things in Jaramogi University aren’t the same after their semester was announced to remain intact as earlier planned. If this doesn’t ring a bell in your head, you’ll have to find a third year student in the Varsity to get all your answers. With the fourth years being on their industrial/teaching practice attachment, the third years happen to be the seniors in the varsity this semester a title that needs them to be guides and role models to their younger ones behind them, but any third year will tell you things aren’t easy and if they’ll be honest enough they’ll tell you help is what they need right now.
The third years who are supposed to go for their Industrial/teaching practice attachment come May are having a hard time managing the little time left for them considering the amount of work and pressure put on them with the fact that The Industrial/teaching practice attachment requires them to put a lot of things in place. You won’t have a hard time trying to identify a third year student in the premises as every of their actions is openly on display. You’ll easily see a number of them walking with rolls of manilla papers, felt pens and loads of schemes of work and lesson plans.
On the pavements you will see them with attachment paper forms making inquiries about the places they ought to go, whats required and what to do for teaching practice. Their conversation is about where they should apply for their industrial attachment, applying for insurance covers and the kind of attires they’re required to be in. Those having their projects and research work is a group you wouldn’t miss to notice, they are everywhere searching, in the libraries and in the labs googling.some no longer have the pleasure of taking breakfast or lunch considering the load of work on their hands. With lectures trying to cover all work within the time remaining, 3rd years are having a hard time balancing between class work,assignment,¬†industrial preparation and preparing for exams which are so around the corner.
Their demands are wanting and you’ll never miss them on M-pesa terminals trying to fund for the volumes of assignments,notes and they are all over photocopying projects, research work and term papers.
of course they aren’t the first to deal with the industrial attachment pressures but considering that the semester was tempered with and there is less time for them to acquire all the requirements and prepare for it in time, confusion shouldn’t be something they are blamed for. Some of them in preparation for their teaching practice are now trying to construct correct English sentences and trying to be fluent in Kiswahili and English communication, a requirement for their attachment. Being keen enough you’ ll identify them in new shirts and blouses and they have new walking styles, all in the name of preparation for attachment. Work and pressure they are experiencing makes them seen as confused. They could be confused right now, being teased isn’t what they require give them help. Now that you can identify them, help them through the confusion, help the third years get through with this hard packed semester.

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