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Name: Derrick Murerwa Kiogora

Aka: Derah

Yr: 1

Course: BSc. Actuarial Science

Height: 1.6 metres

Weight: 64

County/ Hood: Kiambu, Nairobi

Hobbies: Travelling, Storytelling, Playing Rugby, Chess and Table tennis



Name: Nicholas Kimathi October

Aka: Octo

Yr: 1

Course: BSc. Actuarial Science

Height: 1.55 metres

Weight: 62

County/ Hood: Nairobi


Q & A

Me: Hallo, Tell us about Derah-Octo, who are you? What do you do?

Derah: Derah-Octo is a business partnership between two friends. We’ve ventured into many areas; we own a shop that sells electronic accessories, we are also involved in online trading; we sell blogging accounts and Promotional data bundles.

Me: How did you two guys meet and what inspired you to start doing business together?

Octo: My brother and I are long distance cousins, kuna time tulikua tuna kutana kwa mtaa…What inspired us to do business was io wiki ya kwanza tuliingia chuo, that idleness gave us a pool of ideas to draw from.

Me: Where do you see yourselves in Five years?

Derah: I see us going far, someday we’ll set up a mall, here in Bondo where students can buy anything they desire.

Me: Who are your mentors both locally and internationally?

Derah: Locally it’s Chris Kirubi; if you look at his background, you’ll discover that he was brought up in a poor household yet the guy is a business magnate today with lots of wealth. Normally people tend to conceptualize that people who are wealthy must be involved in politics or have extensive education but Chris Kirubi is not involved in politics and he’s also not that learned. He’s self made.

Internationally it’s Dickens Krapft. He owns like five hundred and thirty two Bugattis plus he’s an entrepreneur who’s even invested in Fuel Plants in the Middle East.

Octo: My mentor both locally and internationally is Octopizzo. The guy has changed the face of Kibera through his music. He’s built Children homes, has many businesses, is empowering the youth through YGB and the Octopizzo Foundation has helped many people. It also goes without mention that he’s one of the richest rappers in Kenya.

Me: How did you two get your Nicknames?

Octo: I got my Nickname from my name, October which can be shortened to Octo plus I used to know and rap to all of Otopizzo’s songs back in School when he began to hit.

Derah: It’s just shortened from Derrick.

Me: What are some of the Challenges you’ve faced in the course of carrying out your operations?

Octo: I’d say there’ve been many challenges. First; the atmosphere is full of Bigotry, you set up a poster zinararuliwa for no reason, the Administration pia haijakua favourable especially sides za kuweka posters especially hizo sides za Mess sana sana, nika ata tumezoeana nao.

Derah: Sides za employment pia imekua tricky. You can’t represent Kenya’s diversity because majority of the population are luos and also sourcing for bloggers has been a big problem.

Me: What do you like most about JOOUST?

Octo: The population is low, so kuna less entrepreneurs, we enjoy the monopoly.

Me: Are you planning to roll out other businesses?

Derah; Yes. If possible we want by the time we’re in second year to have a community of bloggers and also to offer Wireless Internet Services, we all know for a fact that JOOUST has a lot of problems when it comes to accessing Wi-Fi services. We’re planning to tap into that potential and help our fellow comrades in the process.

Me: How much do you two guys make, collectively per month?

Octo: I won’t go into the specifics just know that we make good money.

Me: How has life changed for you since you began your journey on the path of entrepreneurship?

Derah: Life has become good. I for one can testify to the fact that I’ve gotten opportunities I never thought I’d get. I even travelled to Rwanda, a few weeks ago.

Me: How do you manage your time doing a demanding course like Actuarial Science yet venturing into business?

Derah: We set our priorities but still know how to handle our customers well. For example in a case scenario where I meet you and you want bundles but I’m heading to class, I’ll ask for your number so that we meet after class if possible. Education after all is our primary objective here in school.

Me: Would you say that some parts of your life has suffered as a result of having a busy life, as I may imagine?

Both: Yes, our social lives have suffered.

Me: What other areas of your life do you feel you’re highly good at apart from handling mulla?

Octo: In case business iende, I’ll venture into rapping.

Derah: I feel a special connection to politics. I’m planning to vie next year.

Me: Mr. Octo, you threw a party at Kings, how was the experience like?

Octo: Well I can’t say much, it was the first party of the year, it was a little bit expensive, I paid 14,000/=, bought everyone who attended drinks, nlioshwa na ma Guarana. I also enjoyed the fact that Kare Family recognized me. We ate cake and enjoyed the night.

Me: Are you single?

Derah: Yes, but am still searching.

Octo: Like Derah, I’m also single but searching.



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