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“I’m too young to marry!” Reveals Diamond Platnumz.

Kelvin Arap
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Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has asked people to let him be in peace so that he can concentrate on taking Bongo music to another level

Diamond shocking remarks even after 3 children with two women:That is,  Wema Sepetu and Zari Hassan  .

Diamond Platnumz Lover Wema Sepetu Swears To Fail Zari´s white party show!

Embattled Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platinumz has come out to slam haters who have been dragging his name in mud. The singer,through his Instagram account has asked people to let him be in peace so that he can concentrate on taking Bongo music to another level. Diamond’s statement comes just hours after rumor mills went into overdrive with reports that the singer went to bed with an unknown lass during his birthday party.

 The singer had also been linked to yet another hot Tanzania lass,whom he had invaded through social media. As it was reported earlier, Diamond was recently caught pants down drooling over a Tanzanian beauty identified as Tahiya J.George barely days after he was dumped by his Ugandan baby mama, Zari Hassan. “If you don’t give it your all, don’t expect anything best in return…. have a blessed paper chasing day😘,” Zari quoted on her Instagram post.

From Wema,to Zari,to Hamisa,to Tahiya J.George and now,the mysterious lass rumored to have cohabited with Diamond,the singer has proved to possess a high appetite for women. However,brushing off the allegations leveled against him,Diamond said he did not sleep with anyone during his birthday as alleged by his haters.

”Mara Diamond Kamla Huyu, mara sjui naskia anatembea na Huyu, Mara Ooh sjui inasemakana juzi alikuwa na Huyu…Yani kila Ukiamka limezuka jipya, Utazani yangu ina Sukari au Nakojoa dhahabu…..Hebu Niacheni kidogo, niko Busy nahangaika kuipeleka Bongo fleva yetu Duniani…. Sijamkaza yoyote, na Sina Mahusiano na Yoyote anaetajwa, na Siku pia Nikimaliza Mahusiano yangu na Alie South na nikawa na Mwengine na ikifikia kuliweka wazi ntaliweka wazi Mwenyewe”He wrote.

The singer went ahead to reveal that he is very young,not married and how he is entitled to marry up to four women. ”Maana hakuna kitachonizuia… ndio kwanza nna miaka 28, Sijaoa na Hata nikioa Naruhusiwa niwe na wake Wanne PERIOD!!!….”Diamond added. Related image

Diamond’s remarks have shocked many considering the fact that he is a father of three children with two different women.Diamond and his ‘wife’ Zari Hassan parted ways recently after the singer admitted to cheating on her with Hamisa Mobetto. However,Zari’s recent photos have proved otherwise,sending out mixed signals.In her recent Instagram photos. Zari is still spotting her engagement ring which was given to her by Diamond Platnumz. It is not yet clear whether the the couple’s current wrangle is real or just another publicity stunt but keep it here for more on this as it unfolds.

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