Inspiration Overdrive: Switch to the Fastlane of Life

Wilson Muriuki
Written by Wilson Muriuki
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“Give me an inspirational quote to inspire me and my faint heart, to make my day brighter. To show me some light in this dark tunnel of life…” Could this be your plea today? Life is full of highs and lows that are there to test your endurance capacity. The lessons you will learn after it is done will make you a stronger person in character, values and believes. Everyone needs to feel inspired when at the lowest. Have you ever hit the rock bottom spiritually, financially or in your social life? You surely know that feeling of inner emptiness, of lack of hope for a brighter future.

View life from a scope

“Give me an inspirational quote to let me fathom the great meaning of life. Fill my tanks of compassion and kindness. Help me live a selfless life and lead by example.” Are you willing to change self before indulging in the world changing heroism? Well, you need to be kind enough to yourself. Press harder for a remarkable daily achievement. This will make you know and appreciate the cost of changing the world. Think of that neighbor with nothing to stomach. How would you understand what it takes to be selfless if you did not make it yourself?index 1.jpg

“Give me an inspirational quote to strengthen my spirit, to show me the value of staying in the fight, to make me a strong finisher.” All the adversities that you face daily are meant to make you stronger. Well, you may not realize it but if you are strong enough to remain in that ring of struggles, a knockout may be the best thing in the world for you. You will be strengthened and motivated to win. Learn how to sting like a bee.

Underdogs do Bite too

Ever faced criticism? No worry, great minds always face opposition. Be smart. Do not let mediocrity clog your mind and spirit. “I don’t wanna be a mediocre….no!” by T. I should be your fave song in  this case.  If you are trying to do great in life, you will always face some kind of resistance that will make you feel weak. You should not give in. Believe that you are stronger. This conviction will precede fruitful actions. Persistent actions grow you the strength you need to conquer it all. Make up your mind that no matter how unfairly life will treat you, you will do more than simply survive. Tough times will never last but the tough you will. Your spirit is designed to grow strong by the conflicts.

Joy of Achievement

Have you ever achieved so much in the course of strong storms in your life? Nothing can be better than the smile that has endured the tears. Life is very interesting, at the end of all the struggles comes joy. Managing to put a smile on your beautiful face even in the wake of struggles shows the strong demeanor you have to achieve more in life. Gather strength from your distress and grow brave by reflection.

Time to go Lyrical

Wondering what else could help you beat the odds of your distress? Some inspirational songs can come in handy. Ever heard of the musical group, Adonage? They have a set of thrilling, overly motivational lyrics that can set your spirit ablaze with a new kind of “Hope” that will make you soar like an eagle with the demeanor to sting like a bee.

“Give me an inspirational quote”, should be your resolve when the going gets tough. Always strive to get the knowledge of understanding provided by motivational quotes.

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