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Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology shall be hosting a national drama festival for the Western and Nyanza region on. This is a mega event expected to go for two days; that is Saturday 18th MARCH 2017 and Sunday 19th MARCH 2017 starting from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm at the Assembly hall.
The event is expected to bring together the following campuses from both Western and Nyanza region; including Rongo university, Kisii university, Mount Kenya university (Kitale campus), Kibabii, Jaramogi University and KCA university. The winner will secure opportunity to continue to the next level and the best actors will earn certificates.
According to the chairman of the drama club Mr. Justus Akunga a.k.a Mustafa Idi; Jooust drama club is well prepared to face the competition. Having secured the chance of hosting the event, the club expects to perfume their best and hopes to carry the day. Their preparations are well shown from their daily rehearsals and training by both internal and external trainers.

Members of the jooust drama club approximated as 67 including Salsa, Traditional dance, Modern dance and play have been committed and sacrifices their times for the upcoming event and thus they expect their efforts to bear fruit. Among the following items jooust is expected to present choral verse, modern dance, narrative, play, traditional dance and solo verse. Institution is altogether committed is hosting the event as jooust is a big institution; venue has been renovated and all the equipment’s are in order.
“We have been polishing our dance daily and we also believe in our trainer who is a national trainer, with that we are aiming to carry the day” said Getrude the chairman of the cultural dance.

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