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He has everything I need. Money, luxury and all the stability a lady may need to be ‘’kept.” He does not mind spending on me, he does it to the fullest. I guess he has some real extra cash he wants to utilize .My question is for what reasons is he being so mindless on the use of his cash and for  how long too will he be so generous to me? Everyone has worked hard for the achievements they acquire in life perhaps a few percentage achieve success on a silver platter. Why then would we lose the original definition of the word sponsor we all knew to a ‘’rich successful old man who wants to treat some pretty young lady with luxury. Why would he want to shower me with money? In his 30’s, 40’s or 50’s, why would he want me as a PYL? Let’s assume it’s for mere goodwill, so I let him “treat “me because am in need of some desperate cash. Being so away from home, my pocket money is not in touch with my growing demands and my helb loan plays a minor role to this ‘’kept lady ”attitude of mine. My hair needs renewal every two weeks, I need some thorough wardrobe furnishing; new heels, dresses and accessories. He pays for my rent, all my bills plus no more tracking! He has hired me a chauffeur. Surely this can do since my brand new car is only 3 months away. All this he does for a little company and “warmth’’ I offer him as an escort to many of his functions ,occasions or perhaps should we call them tours. At his age of 45years, I know he has a wife, a woman he took vows with at some alter or a court of law and that to in front of a multitude. Ours is a little secret, sometimes I wonder if his wife means something to him. Did they have a fight or he just wants to do some investment in me.Am I using or being used? Let me call it a mutual benefit between the two of us. Parking different cars each weekend, when he opens the door to usher me out, it’s always at a big restaurant a five star or a three star in different cities I have never visited. All just for my time! He wants this part of me that can never be replaced or turned back. Generosity is not the term to define his act. The number of men like him is rapidly in the increase. Why can’t they offer their generosity to the less fortunate or perhaps they have already done their part in helping humanity and now want pretty young ladies. Although our young men constantly blame us “go getters”, when they have finally worked in life and achieved success, are they going to upper this “sponsor” slang by investing the future generations we shall have consummated to give rise to? Exactly what the old man had predicted, a turn back it shall be to fulfill the goes around notion.

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