Is Love beautiful or ugly?

Eugene Makokha
Written by Eugene Makokha
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Is following your heart a wise decision? Or is following your brain the better?

Love may be among the most sought after virtues by all humankind. Spirituality puts emphasis on love; several religions are known to advocate for it, yet everyone looks for it in their own way. Among the top reasons is the need to satisfy oneself, even though on most occasions, the satisfaction is short-lived. Is it possible to come up with a conclusion that love is beautiful? Or should we, from our experiences on the many failed marriages and broken hearts say love is ugly?

One of the greatest philosophers, Socrates, who is portrayed in Platos’s dialogues once shade light on this sort after unseen possession. He was convinced that love is not beautiful or good. He therefore sought the help of Diotima to ask if that meant love was ugly and bad. Diotima’s reply was that not all things have to be either one thing or its opposite. An example was that, an unjustified true opinion cannot be said to be neither ignorance nor wisdom. Wisdom is wisdom because it is made up of justified true opinions. However, a true opinion cannot be said to be ignorant even when it is unjustified.

Love can be found, and lost too. It shoots into life, only to die the next day; and more surprising, it returns to life the following day.

Is love an immortal being who brings two individuals together unconditionally, and when the conditions become unfavorable, she departs to an unknown place, only to return? Is she beautiful? Or is she ugly?

Ooh love, who can ever explain love? Lukewarm as she is.

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Eugene Makokha

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