Jenkins Oromo Finally Endoses a Sajooust presidential Candidate in Public

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NAME: Oromo Jenkins

AGE: 24

SCHOOL: Agriculture and health sciences

COUNTY: Homabay

HOBBIES: Singing, socialising, reading, swimming

LIKES: Politics

DISLIKES: Irresponsible behaviours, students suffering, chaos, Disunity.


*ME* : Am happy to have today.. (smiling) please tell us about you

*OROMO* : Well, thank you for having me. My name Oromo Jenkins, am a 3rd year taking Agricultural Extension Education( AGED). I am well known for striving and fighting for a good leadership and well representation of students. I have been helping students and i dont tire, its my responsibility.


*ME* : Your political background

*OROMO* : My political background is quite broad but I would say in my constituency, Kabondo-Kasipol(K-K), I represent students in various institutions of higher learning, I am also the out-gone class represantative of AGEED and am among the founders of K-K Jooust union.

*ME* : What made you interested in Jooust Politics?

*OROMO* : (Smiles) Gibby I participated in last year’s (2015) campaigning process and from then I gained experience and I got interested. Personaly it hurts me seeing students suffering, I can say the SGC (Students Governing Council) is very weak and incompitence. For instance when will students get proper medication from the dispensary? When will students be secure especially those residing outside the school visinity? When will our landlords incrade the increasing cost of living? When will we have a students portal? When will suppresion stop? This including other factors made me eye the chairmanship of the SAJOOUST.

*ME* You are finaly out of the race, why?

*OROMO* : We had a split in my community. There are wrangles of regionality and countieesm that is the host, Siaya County against Homabay,Migori and Kisumu counties. Therefore I had to step down so I can work on moderlities and techniques on how to face and end regional politics.

*ME* Do you regret stepping down?

*OROMO* : (nods in disagreement) Gibby I dont regret!. I believe I can share my policies and we all can support any candidate who will be our next Chairperson.

*ME* : Are you supporting any candidate yet?

*OROMO* : ( confidently) Yes. I am supporting one Oketch Wilfred , who is the outgone class representative for the School of Education. I remember Him( Oketch ) and I fought the IT matter where students pay but are not taught or they pay even if itsn’t in their course. I am happy that the issue is currently being deliberated in the Senate.

*ME* : I understand you run a movement…what’s it all about?

*OROMO* : Jooust Democratic Movement(JDM) is about a year old, the party was formed last year (2015) and it has over 3,000 members. The party’s main course is to fight tribalism, foresee the SGC and advocate for the good leadership and unite students. We are working hard to eradicate ethnicity and tribalism. So far So good. I can say we are to the exceeding end. I want to urge students to join us and make our stay in Jooust a vilty one. Finaly this friday. ( October 14th,2016) the party will be celebrating a year of its existence this will happen in Club Dalawa( Bondo) I kindly welcome students to join us since drinks and foodstuff will be available in plenty.

*ME* : What do you have to say about the level of Hooligansm?

*OROMO* : (smiles) See, hooligansm is the greatest problem in this institution. The only solution for this is electing students leaders who will help us unite and fight hooligansm. But the most important thing is Unity.

*ME* : What are your future plans?

*OROMO* : I am thinking of joining national politics. 2017 is my orientation. Therefore 2022 I will stand be the Member of Parliament of my constituency.(K-K)

*ME* : Final remarks

*OROMO* : I urge students to elect good and competent leaders and avoid tribal politics. After elections lets all support our leaders in betterment of our institution.

However I support and love what Kampozone is doing, we are updated on the current affairs and also entertained. Keep it up.

God bless you. God bless Jooust.




Comments from the above conversatiton is from the interviewee,¬†Kampozone Magazine does not take stand or give directions in any of the SGC candidates. We only take views and what analyse the political waves in our institution. We keep on urging all of us to be peaceful like how we’ve been. In politics we don’t have permanent enemies but differ in ideologies.




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