Jaramogi University Lady (#husband snatcher) in a hot mess!!

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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love comes with a lot  of controversies. It’s a sensitive issue which if not well handled may bring the whole world crumbling down. Love is jealous,and when this feeling fills up and burst,it may paint a different picture of what love should be.

This comes after two ladies decided to drag their bedroom matters to the public by putting their love issues on Facebook.

one lady who seemed to be breathing fire,wrote to her fellow accusing her to be a husband snatchers. The lady went ahead to accuse “Monroe”  as a true presentation of husband snatchers stating that the chic keeps on “nyemelearing” other chic’s dudes knowing very well that the guy is in a relationship. The accused is branded ‘cheap’ and easily gives out her ‘fruit’ to any pucker and this according to the accuser makes her a bitch.

This however is not the first incident to occur in the school.there’s been several cases of ladies fighting over the same guy and guys grabbing each others necks over one lady . This  brings in the debate of whether the ‘campus thing’ is ever some point in the school premises,a lady was heard saying “mimi siwezi date chali wa jooust,they’re all cheats”.I dont know how true that is,but the incident on media got people talking.”this should have been a personal matter” many commented on the post.shouldn’t bedroom matters remain in the bedroom and bedroom skeletons remain in the closet? this wouldn’t have been the best platform for this and thus left some wondering whether jooust has got any counsellors,maybe they might need one who knows?

social media gonna break us up if we don’t get control of it.screenshot_2016-11-26-13-54-31

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