Jaramogi University student drowned in Lake Victoria

Emmanuel Otieno
Written by Emmanuel Otieno
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University student  found dead in Lake Victoria

On Tuesday 4th 2017 a student by the name Felix said to be coming from Barkowino Village in Bondo together with his friend who is not a fellow student,but a friend from the village went to fish in lake Victoria Nyamonye at night.The two started riding,reaching some point strong waves started.

The two guys struggled their best to ride through the wave on their way back to the shore but their effort proved no fruit.It reached a point where they were now unable to control the boat and go through the wave.

Finally the boat capsized and the two guys had to apply double effort and try the plan B which was swimming. They started swimming in a bid to reach the shore of the lake and save their lives.Lucky enough the friend was able to swim to some distance where another boat rider could see him.The boat rider went and rescue him.Felix was not able to swim to some distance enough to be seen and be rescued.He disappeared and that is how Felix went missing and died.

A group of people including friends and relatives kept on looking for Felix in lake Victoria but they didn’t find him.They went there another day to look for him both the day and night but didn’t find him again.Today at 6 am the body was found floating at the lake shore trapped with sea weeds and dead tree branches.


Post mortem is yet to be conducted to establish if there was another reason which caused the death of Comrade Felix.He is a second year semester one student taking education.


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