Jaramogi’s Play Boy.

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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Snakes no longer hiss, they call you brother, babe, love and even dear.they slither in the green grasses and no longer makes hasty bites, they choose good flesh,warm blood and pure souls. Their poison venomous. Hyenas were only wild animals residing with the wild, bless the human kind heart and hospitable nature, they not only categorised them humane, they’ve stepped into their places to help, characterizing themselves with the traits and proudly bearing their titles. “Fisi” is now the human version of hyena,call it now we have Sacco, the “mafisi sacco” being the most recent. like any other beings embracing the Sacco, Jooust is no exception and its “mafisi Sacco” is one exceptional sacco you’ll here of. However the Jooust’s play boy goes beyond the “Mafisi saccos”. He is smart, sharp and always has his game at the top. He always have his tracks well covered and you’ll never catch him in his own game. He studies his prey, identify weaknesses, strengths and then throws the bait. He has set goals which he sticks to and failure isn’t part of his objectives. He treads on fine grounds and has got the smartest moves any play boy could have. He doesn’t mix with the ‘fisis’ because he prefers a clean game. He is determined and never gives up once he spots his prey. He is always updated and has different drop lines for each of his target, with each he gives them a different profile, a perfect profile to meet the demands of his prey. He keeps in his den lest someone rules him out in the game.he is well equipped and keeps to his watch, time is his number one rule,he bites and blows then gives his victim time to heal from his venom. With jooust playboy nothing is exact, you should expect a lot of surprises that are not really positive or thrilling. He caters for his targets and can be charming and sweet enough to be there for them but commitment is as scary to him as death.he is skilled and will groom you to be the crazy one keeping you on toes to protect the title of you being his girlfriend, he’s never comfortable with the role of being a boyfriend because at the end of the day chances are you’re not the only one or you won’t be. He is charming not only to you but to everyone and wanting to be at the top of the game all time he’ll hit the gym once or twice to keep in shape. He is mysterious about his personal things and will hardly tell you about his dreams, aspirations or insecurities lest you use them against him at some point.
He is a smooth operator and his lyrics are appraisal ranging from one girl to another. He is the master of the future and knows how to toy with women’s heart and will easily convince you of a heavenly future,your dream life. He is technologically smart and always got tricks to get away with his own game. His cellphone is encrypted, well protected and his social media profile is private if only he keeps one.
He enjoys breaking girls hearts and keeping count of the number of girls he has slept with is a difficult task, every girl who joins the list is celebrated like a trophy. He does everything to impress and always ensures that his presentation is a fair ticket to get whatever he wants.he is careful, well equipped and wouldn’t hesitate to drop crushed P2 pills in your coffee.
I say where there is smoke there is fire. he could not get the name ‘play boy’ but that doesn’t mean he isn’t. You get so lost identifying the ‘fisi’, the play boy sneaking behind you eats you raw.well well, you don’t have to be at the loosing end, you know your heart is one you don’t want broken? then be the fish he’ll never hook and you just need to watch out, keep your eyes open, ears wide. Remember snakes no longer hiss but their venom remains deadly as it has been since ancient of days.

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