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Jaramogi’s SlayQueen in a mess.

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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Whoa! whoa! Whoa!

The rate at which slaying is growing especially in campuses is not only alarming but has also become the best entertainment considering the dumpness associated with slaying.

Well,If you’ve never seen a slay queen before,you should know that a slay queen closest and true friend is the mirror.
Whether it’s her phone screen or the wall mirrors in the washroom,never mess up with her ‘mirrors’.
The thing is, they’re always checking their faces for any landing fly or refreshin their makeup for the unending Selfies.

They say, you never know just when the cameras will capture you.

A slay queen in Jaramogi had a hard time explaining how and why she was in and from the mens washrooms.
The washrooms which are specifically for men are located on the first floor of the school lecture rooms giving a good view of everyone who gets in and out of the washrooms.

A number of students were shocked on seeing the lady walk out of the mens washroom making and adjusting her clothes.

Credit to whoever introduced smart phones for we nolonger need paparazzis with cameras.

In a campus setting,there is this group of people who’ll never open their mouth however much intruging something is.

But there is this other group. (My favorite).The ones who are always curious at every smallest thing coming their way. Even if a fly is passing over ones head,they’ll never keep quiet.

“Buda,niaje hao nzi wanakam tu kwako?”
They’ll start their probing.

well,with this kind of group around(there is always one atleast in every corner) the lady couldn’t just have her way out peacefully without them wanting to know some things.

“Yaaye! Omera what is? huyu dem ametoka washrooms za maboy!!”

“Washroom ang’oa?”

With a crowd forming and the curious onlookers wanting answers, Our slaybqueen could only give a slaying flashy smile and try to live without giving the curious group a satsfying answer,something so impossible.
“Hapo juu si imeandikwa gents? Jaber,wewe apana jua kusoma bwana?”

“Hawa slayqueens hata uwaandikie kwa mother tongue hawawezi soma bado”

With a slay queen,thats how it all goes.

“Kwani vioo za madem zimeresist slayqueens?”

” That one should be deported right away.”

You never know the kind of words someone can utter until he/she is in a comrade crowd thats ready to crucify you.

Even after her managing to pull her way through and go on with her business like nothing happened,nothing could stop comrades from coming up with a real reason why she was in men’s washroom.

“Hio ni dryspell”

“Alikuwa ameenda tu kupiga picha”

Still,no one knows why she really was in the mens washroom.

But next time someone feels so pressed or wanna take a selfie in the washroom,remember to read the door label because you know..
you never know just when the Camera guy is behind you.

#Kaa Rada.
#Kampozone Watakunasa!

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