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The idea of JUA (joust union of artists) holding an event in Siaya Town came about as an initiative in one of our meeting to implement some of JUA objectives such as creating platforms for various performers to improve our ability and raise finances as a union.


Every artist performance atb the siaya event was a success. But special regards to

Lil Teddy( Hip Hop Artist) for his efforts to personally mkoforeseeing that the event actually happened and coordinated the schedule for all the meetings.


They (JUA) had some financial constraints which is normal to most of these youth groups but thanks to some comrades who stood with our artists when they needed them most. I can only mention a few who were with the artists throughout their meetings and the harambees like: Jack, Moreen Tanui, Edith Awuor, Faith Ayienda, Lilian Kangundo, Tony Lawaal, Antony Montana. It was nice of them for such a selfless support. Please keep on walking with our artists since you served as a great pillar behind their marvel in siaya town, where residents went Gaga apon hearing about the JUA Show.



Q&A With The Chairman Moses Nyongesa (Gospel Hour)

Me : Briefly what do JUA stands for?

Mose: It’s simply Jooust union of artists, covering our MCs, Secular & Gospel musicians, spoken word performers, and any other person with a passion to do art.


Me  :What are your major challenges as JUA?

Mose: So far the main challenge we face as JUA if financial constraint but am sure that God is doing something on that.

Me :Was there any stakeholders who you would like to acknowledge in making this day a success for you guys?

Mose: Sure.

God is foremost the most important person. Mafans loyal who went with us. Thanks alot. Wasanii wenzangu walifanya job poa pia, Whole Of Kampozone Team then aspirants like Iggy, Barrack, Casmil & Stano greatly assisted in coordinating the event. TIIIBIM!!

Me :Do you have any haters as a society?

Mose: hehe…None of I Know of but najua kua hawawezi kosa but JUA does not take beef. JUA knows that every road has bumps and pot holes but we must reach destination.

Me :What is your opinion on JUA artists 1st performance in Siaya?

Mose: Our artists rocked. They proved to be up to the challenge thanks to our super producer Mien (igweee) for the quality work. Also lemmie say special shout out to artists that completely stood out and who I can assure JOOUST that we ought to support them with everything we have. Because with more effort, watatupeleka mbali.

Pesa otas- pesa otas

Pectas- nikupende

Seienki & lilteddy- mulla

And of course, the rest did kill it and also supported each other on stage which was so much encouraging to see.

Me :How did siaya residents receive you guys?

Mose: Lemmie say that were all scared about our reception on foreign land but trust me siaya guys are so fun, supportive and made lots of fans from the neasrby institutions like the K.M.T.C. The Manager Mwisho-Mwisho Club praised JUA artists for rising the occasion and  making the club hit maximum sales on that specific night. SO YES….WE ROCKED SIAYA

Me :As JUA chairman, what would you tell the fellow comrades?

Mose: My humble request to comrades is to accept us and support us at your own artists. We are making efforts to raise the standards of entertainment that we offer so if we get the right reception and patience, we will change everything. We need your support by, liking, sharing and downloading our work . We are doing all this for you. Accept us. We won’t disappoint.

Me :Are you planning to do any other event anywhere soon?

Mose: Yes, We are planning to do a home event in Jooust. Bonge la event, chillax. we will update you on Kampozone platform. We are also joint-event with Maseno  and MUST among other universities.

Regards to everyone who wishes well for JUA.

Big up to Kampozone Magazine for stranding with us through out and giving us a Platform to showcase our talents. God bless you guys.

Long live comrades

Long live JUA.


Moses Nyongesa. JUA chairman.

Download his songs at:


Watch out how the events unfolded…


Mc Churchill

Mc Churchill


10913Dj Msafi and Mc Churchill preparing the Audience2


Dj arif,  Dj Msafi and Dj Mistaken


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