Jaramogi University Student Rescued by Police From Angry Mob.

Emmanuel Otieno
Written by Emmanuel Otieno
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Jooust comrade rescued by the police from the hands of the angry mob. 

Today at around 2pm at the burial of Mr. Moses Oremo in Sakwa Bondo, Nyakasumbi village, a student of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology by the name Ken Achila famously known as “jakaunti” was beaten up by an angry mob.

It is said that Ken Jakaunti with his team attended the burial in order to welcome their political leader. In the process, a fight errupted which is said to must have been a fight between the supporters of the two antagonistic political leaders. As they chanted the famous slogan “Comrades Power”, the opposing side took it as being rude and were chased away by the police officer.
The whole team disappeared. By bad luck Ken Jakaunti was not able to run at a speed which could rescue him. He found himself hiding in one of the houses that were by the road side. Some villagers keenly spotted him, they threw him out of the house and the angry mob started beating him up accusing him to be a thief. Police stepped in swiftly to save the man.
The group of the comrades were accused of theft, a statement which is confirmed as NOT TRUE. The SAJOOUST speaker Mr. Tonny Lawal after getting the information later showed up to calm the situation after Jakaunti was rescued by the police from the hands of the hungry mob.

Jakaunti was then taken to Bondo district hospital for a medical check up after which he was taken back to his place of residence.

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