Jaramogi University congress elections.

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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Just after the heat of sajooust main elections cooling down with winners in a jubilation mood celebrating their massive victory as those who lost mourned their defeat and coming in terms with the fact of joining the opposition in serving comrades for another full term,the bulls have again gotten into the field for sajooust congress elections. unlike other years where the elections went unnoticed with many going unopposed thus less political fuss, this years contestants prove to have political fire burning in their systems with a number of contestants going for each seat.

The campus elections which is held some weeks just after the sajooust elections gives chance for the representation of different dockets in the campus where each school;school of education,school of health sciences,school of mathematics and actuarial science, school of business, school of engineering etc along with all clubs and societies in the school to choose their congress person to represent them as their voices in the senate.The elections which will be held on 25th November, 2016 has brought up another political heat as many contestants tries to prove to be legible person for each seat.However, unlike the sajooust elections where we had a number of ladies going for different posts,the Congress battle seems to have less number of ladies going for the Congress seats.maybe the term “congressman” should be replaced with “congressperson” to bring it to the Ladies that the posts are open to all.

meanwhile as the contestants deal with their urge and desires to serve comrades, classes are going on and many seems to be taking their semester cats as the semester comes to its proximity. as for their dreams and aspirations, we wish them all the best come Friday 25th,may the best “man” win.

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