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Jaramogi University Exam Mood Loaded!

Written by Gracey Eunice
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img_20161205_134930The Month December came in with a lot of celebration and jubilation as the Christmas mood hangs heavily in the air and its clear that everyone can’t wait to relieve themselves from the dailies of the year.for learners, the month marks the end of a long, wonderful but a hectic semester. However marking the end of the semester comes with the end semester exam which many,it’s a bitter pill.

If you are new in Jaramogi University and happen to take your rounds during this time of the semester, you will end up commending Jaramogi University as the most focused campus with  dedicated young men and women quenching their thirst for education. standing at a focal point of view, you’ll easily notice that unlike the lively noisy environment filled with loud chit chatting and idle talks at the beginning  of the semester,a rather calm and quiet environment mood has taken over many groups of discussion coloring the whole place, and this time round, they seem damn serious like they’ve never been before.a clear indication that its injury time.with no lazy walks around the campus, the faces you meet on the pavements will clearly tell you that it ain’t a good time for s ‘guy’ or ‘girl’ talk.

If you’re thinking of visiting the library for a peaceful time of your final touches,wrong might not just be the best time unless the administration opts to expand the library to accommodate the grown number of library consultants,you may end up taking your position on the floor. Jooust isn’t going crazy,its s culture that has been,is,and will be,who knows till when.

with worry registered all over their faces,our first years seem to be having a hard time trying to figure out what exactly they’ll be doing as this is their first campus exam.maybe just to lower their tension,they ought to be reminded that it ain’t KCSE,no need to worry, no Matiang’i manenoz, after he gets to us.

“Degree ni Harambee” is the common slogan during this time of the semester.

“Degree ni Harambee” is the common slogan during this time of the semester.this goes goes hand in hand with the many small paper cuttings referred to as “backup” being blown all over the don’t need an explanation to the chairs that has been turned into reference materials as some goes to an extent of hiding their ‘References’ in labs and hostels for the awaited day.

Matiang’i is watching, the 360 CCTV cameras fitted in different exam venues may just be your dream killer and the “timetabler” who from the records, sees beyond his two eyes.

Determined to succeeded in their Diploma,Degrees and Masters,the fire to achieve what they want burns so bad that the means of achieving does not matter any more.still we hope that all that started well shall surely end well.all in all,the truth of the matter is the exam mood is fully loaded and whether we are for the option of exams or not,we are embracing this seasonal mood.

Meanwhile, the entire Kampozone team wishes each and everyone success in the exams commencing on 13th December to 23rd December.with each ones hard work, God is for us all.


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