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Where did the rain start beating us;Jooust Union of Artists commonly known as (J.U.A).

we are a big team and we have to make our fans happy. how will we make it in life when we are not practising or coming together like other games I.e futah,backe etc will we say in future we had time to even make cyphers amongest ourselves as our FAM witness it all so as others may gain courage and even join the industry coz its a game reason to as why we say “hapa kazi tu'” na wengine twawashow at “chapa tizi”

ni tizi gani utapiga huku jooust minus support from entire jooust entertainment staff ? answer me plz

when will we be proud of producing an artist to the Kenyan industry na ashine ka makampo zingine think of it.

mafans wako ready kusupport maartists wenye hawako mko wapi niwaone toka chini ya maji bonga na me

answer me #djpopcaazdalmas

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Popcaaz Dalmas

Popcaaz Dalmas

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