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The Regional drama festivals that have been ongoing since   March finally came to an end today on Sunday 19th 2016.the festivals which took place at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of science and Technology brought in a number of campuses from the lake basin region and Trans-Nzoia regions including Kisii University, Rongo University, Masinde Muliro university, Mt.Kenya university(kakamega and kisumu campus) and JOOUST.The two day festival was one thrilling event that proved to thethe Jooust admin that they will be needing a much larger and spacious hall for entertainment or rather holding such events as comrades filled the hall to cheer up their members and of course drink from the cup of pure entertainment which you just couldn’t afford to miss, if you did miss then you really have no idea what kind of fun you missed.with each team having prepared thoroughly the competition proved to be one stiff event that got the participants sweating profusely on stage. Success is sweet so they say, the fire of winning burns in every heart and competitions is one good enhancer. However in every battle there must be the winning team.as much as the stew could be made in the same kitchen, if it’s from different chefs the taste can never be the same and as the festival came to an end, someone had to carry the day. With JOOUST being the hosts,hearts were in hands all the time the results were being released,”mgeni haongozi pale wenyeji wapo” this swahili saying would obviously bring tremors in the hosts stomachs but they say no great efforts goes in vain na mchezo mwema hutuzwa.things might not have turned out as expected but whatever came on jooust’s plate was worth celebrating,it was a hard-earned trophy basing on the hard work, effort and total sacrifice the drama members had put in place. Every success comes with much self-sacrifice and when you finally achieve, what else other than celebrating your great victory. The results just like the other Universities who had won in various items brought in jubilation in each of their winning item and Jooust was no exception. You’ll easily agree with the fact that Jooust is one oasis of talent if you were in the hall and saw them perform.

 The narrative by Justus and Pascal Oduor was not only educating but left the crowd breaking their ribs with laughter, briefly we’ll say the narrative ilikuwa ndani ndani ndaaaaaaani. Starting with the solo verse section, Bridget Wanjiku Maina raised jooust flag as the second runners-up with the solo verse  “Innocent” Getrude Achieng held jooust banner as the best female soloist. Things got more steaming as jouust got in the 1st runners-up for the best costume, deco and chicography. Things got much hotter as Bridget carried the best actress of the day with Esther  as the 2nd runners-up. Justus Alila of the narrative was the 2nd runners-up for the best actor as the creative cultural dance carried jooust flag higher by merging first in the creative cultural dance category. That was just part of it all,the pinnacle of Jaramogi University  victory came in during the plays category.starting small, JOOUSTs took the 2nd runners up for the best production of the play and on the very top of the ice was the most captivating play COUP D’ÉTAT. If you didn’t have a view of this play, you must be wondering what is being talked about here. Well, in one word the play ‘COUP D’ÉTAT’ was “THRILLING” and deserved carrying the day. You might not know how it feels to win but being in the hall when the play was announced as the winning play you would have understood how sweet success can be. COUP D’ÉTAT was one play well produced, written and energetically well played. It was a job well done and as the regional festival came to an end the Jooust  family had all reasons to smile. The national drama festivals will be held in Kisumu in March and we all look forward seeing our own representing jooust family at the top in the different categories, you can’t miss this one hell of  event. To the writers, producers, directors, facilitator, the organizers,  admin and the entire Jooust oust drama group Kampozone on behalf of the entire Jooust  family says well done for the great job  and representation and wishes you success in the next levels as you exploit your talents.you wouldn’t have known how hospitable and welcoming jooust family is if you’ve never set your foot in the premises, well the calm, peaceful environment during the two-day event did create a good and friendly zone that everyone was part of, and so unto Jooust we say Kudos!. Celebrating the play coup d’état its clear that JOOUST ust is not only an oasis of knowledge but a fountain of talents too and KAMPOZONE is your home of reality.


#keep it Kampozone.

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