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Kaa Rada!!!

Gracey Eunice
Written by Gracey Eunice
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They say,you never know when the camera’s will capture you especially in this century where one will stop at an accident scene to take a selfie with the bleeding victims and immediately put up a post with a hashtag:

#safiri salama tutaonana badae

#Last minute manenoz.

Now you got to watch what you where,how you walk or even how you speak,just incase a paparazzi is passing by.I’m told their cameras are on ‘piga tu tutaangalia baadaye’ mode.I’m not a paparazzi,not that I don’t wanna be..everyone nowadays is.

First,I’m not laughing. I mean,everyone’s dream is valid, right?

I even don’t know if it’s a dream or just a favourite head wear. Ever seen soccer die hards? they’re the most loyal,they’ll wear their team jerseys from Monday to Friday.So what’s wrong with being a Diamond’s die hard? we actually dont know if he’s really a diamond diehard because he never said that!.

He alone can explain the Diamond dilemma that caught the KAMPOZONE paparazzis,maybe he’ll give a better story.

In the meantime, all Jigijigi fans can wear your caps and walk around without anyone starting up hizi vitu ndogondogo..(wink)


Hint: KAA RADA!!

The paparazzi is right next to you.


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