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Gone are the days when a comrade had to walk house to house looking for landlord and asking for available hostel for rent, Kampozone once again has come to your rescue by making your life in campus easier and enjoyable with Kampozone House.  The semester is around the corner and resuming campus students will be heading back to school, Kampozone has something in store for you for the new year; Kampozone House an online hostel booking portal for campus students has been launched this means from the comfort of your room anytime, anywhere just behind that computer or tapping few tabs on your smartphone you can view and book a house of your choice and compare prices on several available houses, features available and the proximity of the house from the school and choose the one that best suits you. There is no more hustle and bustle for houses to rent during the semester. The team of developers at Kampozone are working round the clock and gathering information to ensure you enjoy using our latest product. Keep it Kampozone for more updates. Follow the link to have a review of Kampozone House …..





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