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2017 has been a great year for KAMPOZONE. A lot has happened in a spun of time,from the many events hosted by KZ,Mr and Miss Jaramogi being the biggest event,trips,parties,kampozone nights,brilliant photoshoots and unending events organized by KZ.The year’s been pretty short considering the many plans set up for the year but the very joy lies in the many things that have been achieved.
Lot’s of challenges,setbacks and some downfalls isn’t something KZ would escape from.KAMPOZONE has had it’s share of challenges and it’s been the best learning field where mistakes have been turned into greatest opportunities, lessons learnt and abilities and talents grown.
As 2017 comes to an end,KAMPOZONE celebrates a year of achievements, glory,progress and success.Failing to mention the kind of fun experienced in KAMPOZONE would be talking about a good meal with a frown on the face.
Talking to KAMPOZONE family and fans,many were excited and had a lot to honestly say about Kampozone 2017.
Here are some of the testimonials about KAMPOZONE 2017.

Iglesias Madaga (KZ Chairperson) : KZ has had it’s best performance in 2017.we’ve had creativity like no other and great talents to talk of.we’ve had our challenges too,Finance being our main challenge but we managed to cover many of the 2017 plans successfully the launching of KZ Magazine Volumes, launch of writing art,media and modelling being some of the greatest achievements.We’ve successfully hosted events,Mr and Miss Jooust being the climax of them all.
Launching of KAMPOZONE in other campuses with another office in Maseno has been Kz’s greatest success 2017.
KZ is fun all the way up and we look forward soaring to greater heights come 2018.

Titus O’Connor (Jaramogi): Hey so It’s been a great year. Lots of fun and challenges Kama kawa. We’ve grown alot. The writers and the entire team have been amazing, I just wish that there was more time to accomplish what we had set out to but I know 2018’s going to be lit.
Keep it Kampozone Kaima Kawa✌

Frankie (UON) : As we wrap up 2017, I would like to pause and mull a little bit about what my favourite campus magazine _Kampozone_ has been to me.
Kz was, is, and will always remain the best magazine anybody would like not only to read but also be associated with. The talented writers, editors and reporters are jus amazing. I would like to write and edit for Kz. Kudos to every stakeholder.

Pizza Mwitu (Laikipia University) : I have joined Kampozone barely a month now and for the little time I have been here the experience has been amazing its the best club that has actually enabled me reignite my talent in writing acting and singing.

Susan Adhiambo (Jooust) : Being in kampozone has enabled me meet great great people, witness great talents and attend amazing photoshoots,be part of organising awesome events.

Eugene T.S. Makokha (Kenyatta University) : Kampozone is the place I always wanted to be to develop my writing taleint. I got the opportunity to write my first Chinese-flavored article on Kampozone and hope to achieve more in my exploration of the East.

Harnize Lanier Msafi (Jooust): Since the time I joined Kampozone, I have been seeing everything almost simple to me. It has helped me workout things simply and also to nurture my various talents.

Ateya Clinton(Japicha photography and AteyaClint PiQs. : Kampozone,the home of talent,entertainment and campus Gossip is a place to be..Being engaged with you guys makes my stay in campus complete.Multi tasking and being there when any opportunity arises is what I love most.Thanks to the founders.You did a great job making this platform become a reality..
Viva viva
Ateya Clint…

Daniel Munga (Maseno) : I can say that Kampozone has really built me cause it’s made me think outside Maseno by providinga me with a totally different audience, many people can now read my works online.I’ve also met good writers who have motivated me a lot and again, the works I read on this platform are just amei…This is the place to be, Kampozone idumu.

Scholastica Moraa(Jaramogi) :Well kampozone, where do I start?I remember the first time I saw their advertisement, I was like ,well wow, an online platform to showcase my poetry and my words. And they sure didn’t dissappoint. It’s a great family am proud to be part of and am looking forward to us going places.

DJ Tizzle: I met Kampozone during KTCA awards and they were with me all the way up.It’s a really cool family with wonderful people.Kampozone shyould grow beyond what they’ve already done because they can.

Gracey Eunice (Jaramogi) : KAMPOZONE is Bae 😘
24/7,365 lit.

Dr.Abeka (Patron Jooust): If you’re not in KAMPOZONE where are you?

Gisera Matanda (Maseno): I love Kampozone, most dearly because its informative. Actually I don’t think I’ve seen any other site is as inclusive as KZ. You see, most sites concentrate on content that only pertains to the particular uni that hosts its content creators. This is different with KZ coz I feel a part of it though am not from Jooust. For me this has been the most captivating bit about the whole project.

Serienki (HipHop artist) : kampozone has been a wonderful experience.The articles have been amazing and kampozone has made very large strides this year.Giving limelights to the small and great,as seen when nadia recently had a breakthrough in her music…also in the coverage of everything from sports to the lates mr and mrs jooust pegant that happened very recently.The many photo shoots they have conducted this year….the open mic sessions every fridays….I have nothing but gratitude and respect for the kampozone team.

Kampozone Journey has been long yet there’s still miles to cover, mountains to climb and heights to soar towards success.Of them all Kampozone would like to thank each and everyone;Family,friends,fans,stakeholders and everyone who has taken part in getting Kampozone to where it is today not forgetting the founders(Ephantus and Paul) for the great work on founding this hub of talent and entertainment.
We look forwad working and having more prosperus years in achieving our goals,objectives and plans.
With celebration mood all over and the climax of the December holiday at the corner,Kampozone hereby wishes best of success to all those sitting for their end Semester exams and Wishes everyone a Merry Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperus 2018! May the new year bring more chances and opportunities to see us to another level.Enoy the festives, make memories and do as much good as you can.Remember to drink and drive responsibly biecause we need you to be part of Kampozone and never miss out on the fun.


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