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Not yet 20,unmarried, no degree to show off but instead a bulging belly with a baby trending in your stomach… That’s when she begins to count how life is unfair to her and comes up with a thousand ways to make things right.

Going to trusted friends to get advice… More often than not they advice_get rid of it. And you are like it’s my dammed baby and they will be like yeah its yours anyway and they give TV you their backs. You are all alone.

Miserable and stressed you rethink about their advice. The good old way. Kill it. Thinking of the pain you are terrified. You are gonna be termed as a murderer. You can’t live with the guilty conscience. It will haunt you for life. You may lose your life. You may be barren. Weighing the odds you better keep it.

Keeping it… How do you face your parents? Your peers? With a belly covering the view of your feet? But God has a plan for everything… For everyone.

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Uuhm ...Schola. Student at Jooust. Poet,article writer.
Professional day dreamer. So boring...
Love cats hate dogs.
Loves novels hates travelling.

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