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Kevin Gesego Nyabuto might have the scaled the heights of politics in his young life but he is not stopping anytime soon. He was one of the aspiring candidates for the top seat in the Sajooust elections some weeks back. He came forward q state his thoughts about the elections , his near win and to dispense rumours that were spreading throughout the election period and also to his hopes for a better Jooust and a future political career.

The former presidential candidate is a third year student taking a bachelors degree in Agribusiness management. He is humble and also a staunch catholic. He served as a youth leader in his church before joining campus.
The 21 year old hails from Nyamira county and is an alumnus of St kizito Nyansiongo high school. He was happy about joining Jooust and is very positive about being here.
In high school he was a class secretary in form two and later became the school captain. This were his first stints in leadership that led him to believe that he did have more to offer in a leadership position.
His road to being elected the Nyamira county comrades association chair in 2015 started with the horrific and senseless attack on the Garissa university students.
‘ Having watched what had happened to our fellow students in the Garissa attack, I felt the need to help’. He says.
He then went to the county governor and education officer to find ways on how tho help the families of the dead and the survivors as well . This led to them gaining help from the county government.
‘ The attack at Garissa opened our eyes to the need of an association that could cater for comrades needs, to make it easier to offer help, that was how Nyamira county Comrades association came to being.’he said.
He also championed for the division of youth development fund,apart from that he has several businesses including Gesego and company limited. In late 2014,he was an acting principal for six months after form four in Isicha secondary school.
On his future plans,he intends to establish the Western Association Students Union for students’ from the Western regions of Kenya.He also plans to continue with his studies,venture into business and politically he plans to vie for the Mp seat in 2022 in his constituency.
‘ I am happy for Jooust comrades for maintaining peace during the elections and I want to thank my supporters for their continued support during and after the elections.’I am happy for the person who was elected and I am ready to work with him.I have comrades interest at heart ‘.he says.
He goes on to say that his quest to join campus politics was due to what he termed as mockery of democracy,need for students to be heard,and above all his passion for politics.
‘I have tried politics and delivered,so I deemed it wise to go for the post’.he states.
On mentorship,he asserts that his role model is Barrack Obama not only due to the fact that he is black but he is celebrated everyone all over the world and also the fit he managed to pull by becoming the president of a super power.’
When it comes to family,he is the last born among four boys,his mother is a farmer and the dad a nurse.He hails from Menyinkwa village.His great grandfather was chief and the only politician in th family.fb_img_1479881484823

Currently,he is working as an advisor for 17 youths who have been endorsed to take MCA seats from comrades fraternity in Gusii land.

He hope’s the incoming Sajooust will impose a percentage of school fees that can be able to seat for exams,promote transparency in work-study so comrades can reap benefits,comrades must be updated on how finances are used and improve security around the school.
“The comrade’s voice is being suffocated thus hindering progress,power must move from the administration to the comrades”.
Conclusively,he wishes for all comrades to be united,urges his team to work on their manifestoes and achieve the things they had set forth to achieve.
Parting shot…”Kevin Gesego was not a mole of anybody,he is self driven”.

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