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Susan Adeka
Written by Susan Adeka
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The king himself is at it again with his most recent hit MISTARILLIONARE a fusion of amazing beats and spoken word and he does not disappoint . The poem really does live up to its  title , with his absolute command on layman slangs made even better.

MISTARILLIONARE documents his journey ; all he has been through up to now,his work and life is all include  He highlights his growth from kaka singers to Rabbit and now king kaka

The video is clearly set and  tells a story of it own with amazing combination of choreography by Leah Waiting anfbRobert Gikaria.

The song has received nothing but positive reviews from his  fans on you tube. It brings forth a freshness of sound and an absences of musical clishes that are all too familiar in  many a artistes songs.

The crisp and intense combination of beats and words is something to look forward to as it awakens and seduces one’ s ears.

His flow and rhymes are precise and speak of someone with great experiences and a love and understanding of spoken word. Many have failed miserably in this genre but Kaka is coming on top with words that call to all of this genre’ s lovers.

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Susan Adeka

Susan Adeka

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