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Name: Johnstone Mutoroki

Aka: Churchill

Yr: 1

Course: Biological Science (BSc)

Height: 5.9 ft

Weight: 60

County: Nairobi

Fields: Actor, MC, Upcoming DJ and Secret Reggae Musician

Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, Travelling, Swimming, Acting


Q & A

Me: Tell me about yourself

Chur: My name is Churchill, am an actor, upcoming MC and DJ, passionate about Music. I’ve got brothers and sisters, actually I’m the last born in our family.

Me: Where do you see yourself in 5 yes?

Chur: I see myself a big reggae artist

Me: When did you start acting, being a DJ…Basically doing everything you do?

Chur: I started acting in church at a very tender age, my father was a pastor so I usually found myself involved in Sunday School and other church activities. The deejaying part began in High School. I did not like school much so I enrolled at Black Supremacy for a month during one of my escapades.

Me: What about being an MC?

Chur: I would say it just came up naturally with acting. Once in a while I’m also a counselor, I advice people according to the world view. Not trained though.

Me: What do you like most about JOOUST?

Chur: JOOUST is a cool place, it’s drug free and its seclusion makes sure that you’ll get the Education you came to seek.

Me: Do you play any sport and if not which game would you play?

Chur: I love football, I’m a goalkeeper most of the times but I also play no. 9 mostly for fun in the streets.

Me: Who do you regard as your mentors both locally and Internationally?

Chur: Internationally, I love Chronixx namwitanga uncle. Locally I have a high regard for Nameless and the likes of Wyre…wako wengi.

Me: Are you single, Dating or do you have a crush?

Chur: (laughs) In JOOUST am single, outside am not so if you want me at JOOUST am free.

Me: As a Comedian would you say you had a funny childhood and would you say it contributed to your art?

Chur: Yes, definitely.

Churchill in his usual smily self

Churchill in his usual smily self

Me: What inspired you to do all the artistic things you do?

Chur: I appreciate the works of other artists. Coming up with art is not easy, not everyone is born creative. That’s what inspires me.

Me: It is said that comedians are rarely serious, what’s your reaction to that?

Chur: I think it’s true, that’s how the world sees us. Many times I’ve noted that even the ladies I want to be in a relationship with don’t take me seriously but if we’re serious then it doesn’t show on our faces. It’s just how we are.

Me: How would you describe yourself in a few words?

Chur: I’m a simple, humble, understanding, loving, caring, no-nonsense guy.

Me: What’s your philosophy in life?

Chur: I believe, I believe, I believe…in everything I do I believe it’s gonna be alright.

Me: If you had one wish what would it be?

Chur: To get a girl who takes me wholly as I am.

Me: How would your fans get access to your content?

Chur: I do shows, I’ve not uploaded a video to YouTube yet but am working on it so currently I post my work on Social Media.

Me: What’s your position at JUA and what does JUA do?

Chur: Am the secretary at JUA, JOOUSTs Union of Artists. We want to take JUA to a newer level beyond what the predecessors saw. Our goal is to address the challenges of artists and also to boost the quality of entertainment at JOOUST for example by bringing live bands and etcetera.

Me: Thanks for coming.

Chur: Thanks.


You can tell from the first hand shake that your in the presence of a gifted personality. He’s confidence is awe inspiring and he’s motivation is priceless. Personally am still mystified by how he manages to balance everything he does. Personally I’m quite curious as to how he’s first reggae song will turn out. I don’t have a shred of doubt that his fans won’t be disappointed..They have never been.

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