LETTER TO DAD:least fav son

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Dear Dad,it’s four years now since we last talked.Glad to say am six years older than you saw me still bound in my hormone raged pubercal time.Years have rushed because your sentiments and my final sigh are still fresh in mind.I can still hear the sounds of my feet shuffling against the silence of morning dawn.

You should know,I’ve been blaming you for every bad I have gone through.I have slept in a filthy cell,and has not been once.I have eaten from the gutters,slept on the streets,picked scrap to survive,bribed for my own freedom,cried myself to sleep in the darkest of night.Kept asking,”where are you ?”

And it’s not like I missed you.NO.Just wondered where my real father was in you-because even the times in my young life when you were there you were not available.Had to go through inhumanly torture in your shell of a dad,in my young life,that I learnt to be the best dad ever-be the opposite of you.Am glad for the teachings.

Thanks for life lessons.Your torture gave me kindness.Your absence gave me a caring heart.Your ignorance taught me how to survive.Most importantly your failure has made me your opposite replica.

Was never your favorite.But look at everything now dad (I am the best of your seeds).And am not mad for being the blacksheep,am grateful I got to sprout on my own feet,on my own terms.The terms I took too long to get ownership off from you.

You played chess with my life.You and your queen treating me as the sacrificial piece in your life game.You castled yourself and put ignorance as your gaurd pawns.Your queen capturing everything I ever dreamt of,am glad I ran before being checked.

Am settling to finish my studies.After that work on my career,then wed this beautiful lady beside me.Am diluting your blood from my system and my kids will be better than me.Thanks for giving me life.I thank God for giving you life.Maybe we shall meet.

Your least favorite son,

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