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Life After Life…After Life

Written by Marita Edwin
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Lately I have been wondering about a lot of things,and i think its time we think about this all of us.I wrote this post first on Expert Advice and the number of views i got was really uplifting.

It feels as if I am looking at life from a different lens.
How come we find some of the strangest things around us normal?
For example, why is it that our earth is in the middle of infinite space and we perceive it as ordinary?
Why is it that we sleep at night as if we are completely gone from this dimension and we don’t find it peculiar?
And why is it we believe that when people die they are no longer with us?
We are told they are never coming back.
We accept the weirdness of gravity, the infinite cosmos, black holes and even the peculiarity of how humans look without even wondering much about it all.
As I am writing this to you this evening, I worry that you will not find this worth spending time thinking about with me.
But how can we not?
How can we not be open to exploring a bigger reality?
No wonder when people die we lose our minds.
In the reality we live in where there is no space to allow for the possibility of them still existing somehow.
Unless of course you believe in a translation of the invisible world through the eyes of religion, and the historical perspective of our ancestors.
Yes, there is a lot of truth there, but the way it is being looked at does not allow for a real understanding of the world.
It is heavily filtered.
We are not given new words to describe heaven to our kids.
We are not exposed to science, so we can understand what this world is made of and then come up with our own words from that exposure.
And yes, I did tell my kids that their dad went to heaven when he died.
But I wish I could have told them something slightly different.
I wish I knew then what I know now.
I wish I told them that daddy went to a new dimension that we cannot see from here.
He has no worries or fears, and he is always going to be with us because our souls are connected and have always been connected.
We have been together in many lives.
And we will see him again in another parallel universe, maybe even on a different kind of earth. It is not a goodbye. It is not a real separation, just a physical one.
Imagine if someone had helped me with this message.
Imagine if we had wise elders with this kind of wisdom to guide us.

? All I am asking from you today is to look around you in ways you never have before.
And to look at your life as a timeless experience in different worlds but with the same people. Then the pain we feel when we lose them is not so unbearable.
For me it is easier to believe in God when his description is made of particles, stars, atoms, gravitational waves and a universal source.
Heaven is more real to me when I look at space and imagine all the parallel universes that exist. It is more real. More believable. More human. More divine.
And more reachable.
Yes, heaven is for real just not the way it is described.
Isn’t it time to look at what we have been told and give it a new narrative?
One that aligns with our evolution and growth.
One that more of us can connect with.
Imagine how life would be if we knew this all along.

For now I can only imagine this with you. Maybe one day there will be a world where we talk about death, not as the end, but as a bridge to another world.
Until then, thank you for reading and being open to a new way of looking at life after loss. I am thankful for your mind but most of all your timeless soul. It is the reason you made it all the way to the end of this post.
With life after life after life.


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