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Life before him.

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My mother was right even though I didn’t want to come to terms with the fact that I was taking after my sister’s traits. Yes I had changed, a great deal but was I to blame? The world was at my disposal and Liam was one good teacher.  I  hadn’t grown up smoking, leave alone the bottles of beer I could easily gulp down without even a pause. Leasure had gotten the better of me and I chose to swim in the valley of lavish. Tomorrow wasn’t part of the deal life had given so I lavished in the present, tomorrow will take care of itself I knew it would I just didn’t want to figure out how. Liam was one guy sent from either hell or heaven, for the joy he brought me that was heavenly though my friends said he’d turned me into one of the devil’s angels and I only took the ‘angelic’ part. He said I had a sexy body and all I needed was wear something to bring out my curves. He was a provider and I never lacked, he got me all I needed in the name of fashion and him being more versant with ‘modern wear’ I got it well picked and the world celebrated me and widely I trended for my features, what he termed as an unbargainable assets, beauty without limits. My father had to shamefully lower his head each time I got in the house with my kind of ‘new in town’ wear lest he set his eyes on the forbidden Eden which was always half covered. It was no longer forbidden as Adams generation found pleasure from the fountains of sweetness that originated from within. It was a taboo in my community to show your skin to the sun, Eden was sacred. Nothing is sacred in town considering the many parties Liam had taken meme with entrance ticket being your ‘inners’, they called them nude parties and together we marvelled in the wonderful creation of the master Himself, fulfilling His revelation of the wonderfully and fearfully made creed. My mother couldn’t contain me, she said I was possessed by a fatal wild spirit and now she went on her knees every night in my name . My  father in his drinking sprees would tell his mates how I had inherited my mother’s bloodline, he said it was uncleaned thus my behaviour. My sister found me a stranger in her own eyes as my facial colouration gave her hard time distinguishing which of the three layers on my face was my real skin, the tattoos on my body made my granny believe I was switched at birth. I was the demon mothers warned their daughters about, the mistake every growing girl didn’t want make. But it was my heaven, I ate and drunk from my own cup of lavish and lived every second like it was the last.until I met Marcus. He wasn’t the Liam type, he had grown up in a christian family upholding all the morals and pressure that came along with salvation, he was the kind of ‘husband’ many women labored in prayer for.he wasn’t my type but how he had gotten  me so close as a friend I believed was one of his prayer miracles. I had known him through a friend I bumped into as I took my rounds in the streets. He kept in touch but unlike the others he never rebuked, judged or condemned me about my lifestyle and he was there whenever I needed him. Then the fatal happened, Liam died after taking an overdose of cocaine. For months I mourned his death with liquor bottles in my room and all this time Marcus was by my side, talking, watching and cooking for me. I never understood why he would be so kind to my kind, but one thing I knew for sure was he cared for me so much, so deep, so genuinely. Liam was the one person I had been so close,so intimate to and without him I only had Marcus and with time I grew so fond of Marcus. I didn’t know how much I had changed with Marcus company till the day he took me to visit my mother in the village, it was his idea and I heeded. mother said Marcus was the God sent Angel he had prayed God for me. It was like coming out of a long nasty dream, I would apologize to the world if I wanted to, but mercy wasn’t something I deserved not after making the choices myself, so I let it be. When he popped the question that evening after dinner, I thought Marcus was out of his mind, how could he? doesn’t he know who i am, who I’ve been? It didn’t matter to him, he said that was life before him and now he wanted life with me, he wanted me for who i am and not who I was, he wanted me, not my past. Thursday 24th was my big day, I’ll marry Marcus. Guilt was taking the best of me and I wished I had done things right. I wanted to look Marcus in the eye and tell him I didn’t deserve it all, but when I looked myself in the mirror I remembered his words…that was life before him.

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