Life gives options never a choice

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Life gives options never a choice… In life you never get it straight.. In any situation you find you have options to choose from. Not one clear way to choose. Many times than not.. The options aren’t at all likeable .But you know you have to pick one and make the best do with it.

They say when life offers you a lemon just take with a smile and ask ‘anything else you got?’sometimes you are in a difficult situation and you are like, what am I gonna do, remember before you finally find happiness you must have gone through some bad stuff. Nothing ever comes easy.

Sometimes you are crying your heart out. No hopes for happiness. Cry your heart out to make room for happiness. Chances are… At the time you really don’t think you can be happy but you will. Think of someone else with bigger problems.

Wake up every day and face each day with a smile remember you are the only one responsible for your happiness…

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