Love or Witchcraft?? a man marries his mothers agemate.

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As many would say,age is just a number not an achievement and marriage they say is a union between a man and a woman, a commitment and a promise of love to one another.however according to research, the age difference between couples should be seven years minimum,three years maximum. The man being the head of the family must always be older than the opposite sex,this is because women hormones grow faster compared to men and if the age difference is not more than the woman she becomes weak and older.

a man marries his mothers age mate

So how do we explain this, love or witchcraft?

A man recently has left people dead in shock as he got married to a woman his mother’s age. The story became an internet sensation shortly after their wedding pictures went viral.this according to the African culture is contradicting as men are known to marry younger women and its women who would rather marry old men.

The story rose a debate on media as to whether age should be a matter to be considered in marriage as many warmed up the site by their unending comments.

“What has age got to do with who you fall in love with and get married to? the guy just found true love” a man commented, and the comments kept flowing.

“That is witchcraft, total disgrace to our culture”

“Hio ni ndom”

“amefanyare maajabure,Huyo mwanaumere”

“mwanamke mzuka jamani,ampwelepete Huyo na afanyiwe maombi”

“bla bla bla sitaki kusikia, that total bullshit, madness in our culture”

They were unending,exiting and due to the difference in cultures, religions, myths and ethics,comments run across the board, negative,positive,feelings and advice,leaving the topic open for debate. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s love or witchcraft, follow your heart, pray, hii dunia ni tricky.

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