Make me believe.

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Call it love if you want to
let me call it super friendship
till I know where exactly I fall
let’s call it a companionship
but if its more to the heart
make me believe

prove to me it ain’t a fairytale
one I’d give up on in the end
if love won’t be easy,it never is
and you’re unable to process your love for me
promise me you’ll stick around for good
that I’m your dream so you live the dream
even when my fire burns out you’ll stay
make me believe

I’m the tree not the forest
apples don’t mix with oranges,its law
the choices you  make, that’s love
I’m human no judgement no condemning
accept me without change,without restrictions
and if forever I’ll be your always
make me believe

I wanna last forever
gradual no rushing
demons are silent till they’re awakened
love is pure magic,never priceless
so if I’m sworn to forever be
your best pleasure your worst pain
a growing addiction no rehabilitation
make me believe

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Gracey Eunice

Gracey Eunice

Find what you love and let it kill you.
If my words ain't shit,neither am I.

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