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They say when a woman loves, she loves for real…maybe this is the reason why so many young women are left in dilemma for the many choices they made out of love. Once some deeds are done, they cannot be undone no matter what and this is why many women wish they would have chosen a different path but then that only happens when its already too late.
Ever heard of something called love triangle? Well this is not only a messy situation but it is also the reason why many women are left damaged inside. Think about this girl who loves a guy with everything she has, spends most of her time with him which in turn results in strains in her relationship with both her friends and family and sometimes it even takes a toll on her academics too.

When you give everything to a man including yourself, you expect that the person will appreciate you but most times it turns out that this person gets a piece of the cake and quickly moves on to the next person as if you are an object to be used and discarded. The worst part is that sometimes you find out that your boyfriend is cheating on you with your friend, sister or the girl next door and because you love him so much you try to overlook his behavior just because he said he is sorry and that it will never happen again. The big question is, if someone cheats on you once, what makes you think they wouldn’t do it again?
Whereas you cry yourself to sleep every night, take all the blame for his actions and try to give him more than you can afford just to keep him,he will still go out with other girls, cheat on you at every chance he gets and still discuss you with his friend about how pushy and clinging you are and when by accident you get pregnant with his child, you will not only take the blame for this fall but you will still lose him, ruin your future and sometimes your relationship with your parents and not to mention your honour as an individual.
This is why, before you give everything to a person,and sometimes get pregnant with their child, make sure you know how they feel about you and exactly what you mean to them. Never accept to be this girl who throws away her academics, achievement and dreams just to be with someone who doesn’t even appreciate you. No matter how much you love a person or how big a crush you have on them just remember you can never make another person’s heart love you if it cant…and that love that is one sided is only destructive because that guy you want will stay with you for a while but later on move on to find someone who their heart really loves and it will create a kind of hate, jealousy and suspicion that will slowly and steadily tear at your heart until there is nothing left of it but anger.
As much as you would want to have a person in you life, think about this, is it worth giving everything to someone who cant appreciate when there is someone out there who would appreciate it without any pressure?

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