‘MANY’ is one

Written by Eugene Makokha
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The one fact all humankind agree with is that all people live under the sun regardless of their race or religious belief. Death is the greatest human being, as Socrates once said; and no one knows where he/she lives.

Now, why is there the inner feeling of superiority among each individual in defense of who they are in terms of race or religion? No single person is courageous or wise enough to answer that; or we no longer have wise individuals such as the great philosopher of Athens, Socrates, as i may say.

‘The gods,’ a religious fellow once said.

Many believe in gods, or some spiritual forces. It is their right. I believe in spirituality too.

Do we pause to ask ourselves about the connection between spiritual life and nature? Many religions agree that in fact, nature is the basis for the spiritual connection human beings possess. So, does all nature, apart from human beings, worship the creator? Christians know it to be so (Romans 8:22).

I do know, too that nature worships the creator. The grass, trees, shrubs and the soil know the father as many individuals know him from different perspectives. The different cultures have their own uniqueness which the creator allowed to be so. He could control it otherwise, but desired not to, allowing everyone the freedom to choose.  Every culture and religion has to be respected as it is. I admit to my affection towards Chinese culture, even though i was born and still am Christian.

The world keeps changing and each day a child is born to face it. Our diverse cultures should in fact be a uniting factor within and outside of us. We do not possess perfection, but we can strive to move towards oneness, which in itself symbolizes completeness as humankind.

Political tensions do much to divide and blame religion for the same. Many countries have been torn apart and ripped open for the wolves to sip their blood. We can agree, that not even a general election can be the sea wind which directed the ship into the hands of pirates.

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Eugene Makokha

Student at Kenyatta University main campus, Kenya.

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