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Marketing Small Businesses Online

Online marketing has leveled the marketing landscape for small businesses to compete favorably with large enterprises. The point of marketing small businesses online is to drive traffic to the business site and hopefully, make conversions. A conversion rate calculates how many people must visit your site before you make a sale or generate a new lead. The methods highlighted in this guide are each valuable method of increasing your web presence and marketing small businesses online.

How have the internet changed marketing?

The internet is an increasingly social place, and people naturally gravitate towards the big discussions (no one likes talking to nobody right?). The nature of search has flipped the way marketing works in favor of you. You can compete with Google with the large companies for people who are actively looking for your services. You need to find yourself at the front of discussions and the front of the search engines.

Essentials of successful digital marketing

A business website
Sound marketing plan
Social media account for business

A business website
It might sound obvious, but for a website to be successful, its development must form part of an overall marketing strategy. It is imperative that the website is geared toward achieving a defined goal and increase the conversion rate.

A dynamic website with a well-designed interface is essential; it will be an important pillar of the marketing campaign. If you want to hire web designers in Kenya make sure you only choose the best agency, for example, you can decide to choose the best design firm among the best web designers in Nairobi.

A key reason for a dynamic website is that small businesses can enjoy the flexibility and control to make changes to their site, without the of a web designer.

Digital marketing plan
Every successful digital marketing campaign is backed by a solid plan. Having a well-defined plan with market data gathered through research is crucial. The marketing plan should target areas where your customers hang out (social media) and also target relevant areas (market segments). The marketing plan should be data driven.

Keyword research is an important part of the plan as it uncovers what customers are searching for, form this research you get to know how many people searched for specific product, service, brand, business, etc. It is a sound idea to hire market research company to get correct and accurate data for your market or segment.

Social media marketing
There are millions of users on social media platforms, and a large percentage of this users are your potential customers. Maintaining a strong social media presence will enable your small business to generate leads, reach new customers and maintain active communication with your clients.

For social media marketing insights, it is advisable to use one of the effective social media marketing companies in Kenya to avoid time and resource wastage. Social media marketers understand the market better and have important market data that help them in making the right decision.

Digital marketing strategies

a). Content marketing

The first and most important factor is content. Your website will require fresh, new content so it’s important to always and new and original content that is relevant to your niche. When marketing small businesses online, it’s important to remember that you will often require a content management system (CMS) to do this.

It is true that small business website might still have a few static pages such as terms and conditions, but the ability to up-date other pages, including dynamic elements such as a blog to share posts, latest news on their niche. If the business does not have the capacity to generate new content on a regular basis, they can buy articles online and especially buy SEO articles.

b). Search engine optimization

In a single day, there are millions of searches on search engines, these are potential buyers looking for products, services or finding a business. Search engine optimization (SEO) in Kenya is one of the new and most effective strategies businesses are using to connect with their customers and reach new markets.

To get started with this marketing strategy you can learn the basics online and learn more as you go but if you want fast results consider hiring one of the best SEO companies in Kenya. These agencies understand the search engine land and will enforce the right strategies the will give the best results.

c). Social media marketing

Setting up free accounts on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and HubPages you can start promoting yourself and your products. Include social bookmarking buttons on each of your web pages to encourage others to spread the news.

d). Business listing

To maintain a strong online presence for your business, it is important to list your business or company with business directories. There are several business listing sites in Kenya that offer a free listing for your business. These online directories offer clients an easy to find businesses, e.g., companies in Kenya. It is important that your business is listed in these directories so that you can reach new markets and potential customers.

Other strategies

The above are some of the marketing strategies you should implement as soon as you start marketing online, other digital marketing strategies include email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), video marketing among others.


Marketing small businesses on the internet require patience and dedication. There is not an overnight success, not even online. Be prepared to spend time each day building on each of the five principles. Keep at it, and before long you’ll be reaping the rewards.

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